Watch: Justin Bieber Covers Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself During A Performance In Detroit


LMAO… when I first watched this I had a flashback to that moment in 300. You remember the part, where it’s about to go down in a really awful way between Theron and The Queen: This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this. I’m not your King. Y’all, this video of Justin Bieber covering Eminem’s Lose Yourself (in Detroit, no less!!!) is going to be a difficult– if not traumatic– experience for some of you. Of all the horrific things he has done, this might take the cake. Even though it’s only 24 seconds long, it will not be over quickly [enough]. You will not enjoy this. He is not our Eminem. LOL! Peep the video for more… and. Well. I apologize. DirectLyrics posted it and I just had to share. Forgive me.

P.S. Apparently, some folks in the audience started to boo him, so there’s that to celebrate…?


  • Nisim Z Fra


  • UGH, hasn’t Detroit suffered enough? BOOOOOO!!!!

  • Stan

    That moment when Kelly Clarkson covers Loose Yourself waaayyy better than Justin Bieber

    • @Stan — YESSS!!! Thank you :) I blogged about Kelly’s performance of ‘Lose Yourself’ when she played a show in Detroit last year :D

    • Peedro Paula

      That was downright respectable! I love that she made it her own and didn’t try to “do” Em.

    • Vicky

      Yeah there is a huge difference between Justin and Kelly. Kelly is mega talented and Justin… is just a little boy who doesn’t know how to properly wear his pants.

    • Jen

      I can’t believe I haven’t heard Kelly’s version before. It’s amazing!

      As for Bieber’s version: no comment.

  • Gillian

    Detroit LOVES Eminem. You never EVER attempt to sing his songs whilst in Detroit, especially if you are Justin Beiber. I really wish the crowd would have collectively spit on him… See how he likes it for a change

  • nicole

    why in the world did i press play? oh lord.. off beat and everything. i didnt even make it through the whole 24 seconds.

    • Joan

      I made it, but those are 24 seconds I’m never going to get back.

  • LinnĂ©a

    What has been seen can not be unseen.

  • Joan

    Justin, there are things better left for the privacy of your own shower.

  • Serenity

    I’m just going to go ahead and pretend that the above video isn’t available for viewing in my country.

    • @Serenity — LMAO! Good call

  • Halli

    Why why why did I just watch that? Ugh…

    Em should just step on him and squash him like the annoying gnat he is. :)