Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Prepared To Cut Toxic Friends Out Of Her Life


As we all know, Lindsay Lohan is nearing the end of her time in rehab, and she’s getting ready to move on to some pretty big things. A little while back we learned that she would be the star of an upcoming reality show docu-series on the OWN network, and would be giving a post-rehab interview to Oprah Winfrey. We also learned that LiLo would be getting a reported $2 million for the series. Many of you thought this sounded ridiculous, especially considering Lindsay’s past history of staying on the straight and narrow for very short periods of time, and then getting back to her old ways. But sources say Lindsay’s ready to make some big changes, including cutting ties with some of the toxic friends in her circle. Click inside for more!

TMZ has the report:

Lindsay Lohan has made a list … she’s checked it twice … and she’s decided … the majority of her so-called “friends” will be CUT from her life when she’s sprung from rehab.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, Lindsay recently sat down at Cliffside — where she’s currently enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program — and made a list 100 friends … who knew?

We’re told Lilo was inspired by a therapy session about “toxic friends and influences.” Lindsay actually made 2 lists — one with the friends she’ll keep, and the other with the ones she’ll ax.

According to sources, 80 people were on the “cut” list.

Lindsay showed it to her closest friends — who mostly agreed with her choices.

The big question … did Michael Lohan get the chop?

For many of you, this new report is just a reflection of the same old, same old. But if Lindsay’s going straight from rehab to a $2 million deal with Oprah, you’d like to think she’d see this moment in her life as a great opportunity for change… although she could also see it as proof that she’s been doing everything right, lol. It’s very tricky.

On the one hand, if it’s true that she’s ready to cut ties with her old crew then great. That’s a hugely important step in any process where you’re trying to redefine yourself. But it’s one of many steps and I’d really like to see Lindsay actually follow through with all of this when she gets out of rehab. Can’t help but wish her the best in all this because we all know that being unwilling or unable to make important changes can often be a matter of life and death.


  • Monicaaa

    What about her toxic mother? Seems like she will be the hardest person to cut out and I’ll be skeptical about Lindsay’s recovery unless she does.

    Will be happy to be proven wrong though.

    • adam

      Agreed. So sad that neither of her parents can be relied on for support. SO MUCH sadder that they are both, in fact, truly toxic influences in her life. But, its the case, and until Lindsay finds a way to remove herself from them, I don’t see this getting too much better for very long. Very sad.

  • lum

    She showed the list to her friends…who promptly went ahead and told the press? How sure can we be that she’s put the right people on her “cut” list…