First Look: Lady Gaga Reveals The Cover Art For Her New Single, ‘Applause’


Lady Gaga is getting ready to drop some new ish, and she’s going all the way artsy with her promotion. When we first learned that her next album ARTPOP was quickly approaching its release date, we also learned that we could expect to see and experience some big collaborations with big names in the art world. So far we’ve seen [a very nude] Gaga posing for legendary photographers Inez & Vinoodh, and we also heard rumors about an upcoming single titled Applause. Well folks, the rumors are true and we have the cover art to prove it. Click inside to learn more about Applause… and why Lady Gaga lives for them.

Lady Gaga, Applause:


E! has the deets:

Mother Monster is back, and she’s revealed the cover art for her new single “Applause,” the first track off of her forthcoming third studio album ARTPOP, hitting stores Nov. 11.

Shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the photograph is a colorful and theatrical snapshot of the singer, with her rainbow makeup smeared across her face from the tears.

However, unlike the emotional display on the cover art, Gaga tells Women’s Wear Daily (who first reported the story) that the music “is very fun. And that it’s full of happiness, because what I’m saying in the song essentially is that I live for the applause.

“I live for the way you cheer and scream for me. Give me that thing that I love. Put your hands up, make them touch.”

Are those lyrics? Possibly. We’ll know for sure when the single is released on Aug. 19.

Gaga wrote “Applause” with DJ White Shadow, someone she’s collaborated with for 5 years now.

“In my heart of hearts as I was writing, I knew that if I asked [the fans] to cheer for me before I sang or if I alluded to the fact that they would cheer for me before I sang….They do that all the time for me; before I even open my mouth, the fans start cheering for me.

“And so this exclamation, ‘Give me that thing that I love. Give it to me. I’m ready, start the music.’ I’m from New York. I’ve worked since I was a five-year-old to be a performer. All my life. I deserve to be here. I’m ready.”

I know a lot of people are over Gaga (trust me, I’ve had my moments), and I’m sure people will hate hearing her say that she does it all for the ‘applause’ and that she deserves to be here. But I think she speaks for and to a lot of other performers. In some ways her willingness to admit to a certain power that fame has over her reminds me of Jay Z, who has often rapped about a love/hate relationship with celebrity. Bottom line, all performers, in some way or another, live for the applause. Sure, there are other things they work for, but there’s a reason they love their fans and the support they get. The ‘applause’ are just signifiers of the support, so I can see where Gaga is coming from.

Anywho, we’ll have to hear how the single sounds when it drops– though I’m unsure of the release date. According to E! it’s being released on August 19th, but we learned the other day that she was debuting a new single at the MTV VMAs on August 25th. Could it be that we’ll have two new Gaga singles next month? Time will tell!


  • Um … no.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    Give me all your lovin’, give me your love, give me all your love today. Give me all your lovin’, give me your love. Let’s forget about time and dance our lives away.

  • Krissy

    I actually like this image. I think the classic clown style is fitting for what the song appears to be about and the smeared make up makes it look more like an impressionistic painting than a photograph (honestly, it appears to have been processed in a way that I don’t think I would call it a photo anymore. )

  • nicole

    i have this weird feeling that this era is going to be worst than the last..

  • LiQue

    I use to like Lady Gaga, but she lost me as a fan when i saw her live, which i travel 500 miles from where i live to Mexico city. She lacks starpower in live performances and she is always ordering the public what to do during the songs, now scream, now paws up, now jump seemed to be inherent in the songs, much more than the actual lyrics.

    Her motivational speech also put me off and literally after the concert was done I said to myself “WTF are you doing here”. even her opening band sold more stuff that night than she did.

    She is conceited and in no ways humble, she deserves it? probably, she might have worked hard to get there, but you are no Michael and you are most certainly no MADONNA, so honey keep trying.

  • Katy

    Lady Gaga + Creepy clowns = I’m outta here.

  • cutitout

    She looks like she went down on a clown.
    Haha! I made a rhyme!

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  • AVDisco

    I support her. Let’s see what it’s all about.