The Cover Art For Mariah Carey’s Unreleased New Album Leaks To The Internets


Mariah Carey was supposed to release her new album, The Art of Letting Go, last Tuesday July 23 but because she still wanted to record new music for the release, the album was pushed back to an as-yet undetermined date. Because of the late timing of the delay, the promo machine set in place for the album’s July 23 release date was already in full swing. Target was ready to promote the album’s release in last weekend’s newspaper flyer which featured the album’s album cover. The circular did NOT go into publication but a black and white proof has leaked its way online, giving us our first look at the album art for The Art of Letting Go … which you can see below.

Keep in mind, the artwork shown here doesn’t look so great because it comes from a grainy black and white newspaper proof that has been blown up for size. That said, I like what I see. Mariah’s best album covers are the simple ones. And while it’s possible that this newspaper circular features only a mock-up that was put together using a promo photo, it’s just as likely that this was (is?) intended as the cover art for the album that Mimi was almost ready to release. Because she is still working on the album, it’s very possible that the album art and even the album title could be changed to reflect the new songs she is recording for release on the album. This may be the ONLY look at the cover photo for The Art of Letting Go that we will ever get to see. I like it, do you?


  • blaqfury

    I like the simplicity of it all…. and i’m really glad it’s just a head shot. I hope she keeps it or something similar for the real release.

    • @blaqfury — I agree.

  • Lisa

    Oh, she looks nice!!! Simple, pretty.

  • jaasonkaay

    This reminds me of her debut album artwork, she’s still as beautiful she was from 1990

  • regina jackson

    not for me AT ALL i thought she should have choosen a more angelic cover wear she would be on the beach somewhere wearing a silk blue gown and the wind blowing in her hair while the dress floated and her arms wide apart, now that would be a great cover but who knows,