‘That Hairline Tho…’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


Okay, so first off I was sooo bummed that I couldn’t collect my favorite looks of the week today! We had an issue with our photo galleries that just got resolved a little while ago, but I had BIG plans to go on, and on (and on) about Rose Byrne and Cate Blanchett and how they killed the game this week, lol. Do check out their fly-ass looks HERE and HERE, and if you missed last week’s collection, I dedicated an entire gallery to Vanessa Hudgens. She’s another one of my new jams. As far as this week went, it was intense, right? We had a royal baby to welcome into the world, nude pictures of Lady Gaga to grapple with, and more Amanda Bynes drama than we saw coming (maybe). Click inside for just a few of the best comments on these and other stories!

PITNBr BritneysBitch chose not to focus on the obvious nudity in Lady Gaga’s new photo from her V Magazine spread, and found other issues of concern:

That hairline tho…

We had lots of funny comments on Gaga’s new pic… which I kinda had to admit I liked.

PITNBr Ariel Echeverria, for example, noted the following:

went for a hip surgery and comes out with a new face!!

PITNBr Maanami Matthews helped welcome me to The Rock fan club, even though I’m about 15 years late:

Oh Shannon, yes you are very late to the game. Be careful “light” Instagram stalking is a slippery slope. Not that I’d know anything about that, but that’s what I’ve heard.

PITNBr Sabrina also commented on our Hot Person Of The Week post, which was appropriate since she’s the one who put me on to The Rock’s Instagram account, lol:

Ahhh Shannon welcome to the world of The Rock. I can’t even call him Dwayne Johnson. He is #1 on my list of celebrities, because he seems so down to earth and you know he would be AMAZING to hang out with! I could look at his pictures all day! Gorilla lovin’ with him OMG *dirty thoughts*

*walk of shame away from the computer*

PITNBr Joan came up with the best, Kanye West-iest name ever for the Royal Baby (who has since, sadly, been named George Alexander Louis):

Yay! I hope they name him “Kong”. Wouldn’t that be awesome? ;)

PITNBr BGLU Tia, Happy Belated Birthday! And yes, sharing a birthday totally makes you play cousins with the Royal Baby. Congrats:

One baby to rule us all!!!

The royal baby was born on my birthday. So should I be expecting some sort of commemorative plate or afghan in the mail? I mean, doesn’t sharing a birthday make us play cousins now?

PITNBr Karen made a great point about some of the intimate details we were getting regarding Amanda Bynes’s stay in psychiatric hold:

If those details are true, I am so disturbed that they’ve been released to the press. NOBODY should have their mental health issues (or physical health, for that matter) revealed like that. That level of invasion of privacy is upsetting to me. It’s just wrong. It is also probably illegal (it is if the source is staff); if so, I hope whomever is releasing this info gets caught and held responsible.

PITNBr shimie also shared this helpful link, for those of you who thought a violation of Amanda’s rights may have occurred:

Anyone can file a complaint regarding a possible HIPAA violation. http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/complaints/

PITNBr Silly really, really enjoyed that Blurred Lines/Muppets mash-up. See? Robin Thicke’s hit record is really making lives happy:


I love this. Thank you for sharing it today, I really needed some good stuff to even out other stuff. This is why I love you as a writer and your other writers and your blog: You add some soul and depth and love (and respect) into your posts. Even when [celebrities] do horrible things — you are there with soul and depth and love and respect.

It differentiates you from the rest.

And while I’m sorry it’s *this* post on which I’m attaching my fandom, it’s so true and relevant w/all the flurry about the original video. It just says exactly what your blog is about. Sometimes serious, sometimes not.

PITNBr Joanna had some hilarious but helpful thoughts in regards to a new Paris Hilton photo we saw:

There really needs to be a special setting for photo re-touching where the program just says “Stop. This person no longer looks Human. Try again.”

PITNBr Devonte Antonio sparked the most amazing conversation on our blog the other day. The stars from The Sandlot reunited for the 20th anniversary of the movie, which got him thinking about some Throwback cuties, which got us all discussing Devon Sawa. It was awesome:

Umm…the moment I knew I was gay was when Casper was Cinderella’d into a real boy and he turned and said “Can I keep you?”….YAAAAAASSSS LORDT JESUS YASSSSSSSS…

To which PITNBr Sam replied:

That’s when I knew I was straight….MMMMMM HMMM!!

To which PITNBr Jess quipped:

Him in Now & Then though?! My first movie that featured nudity

Sigh. Let’s relive the magic y’all:


PITNBr Cee taught me that I am secretly– now, not-so-secretly– obsessed with Australian women (i.e. Miranda Kerr, Cate Blanchett, Rose Byrne). This is an important fact that I feel like I only would have discovered after years of psychotherapy or something, so I legit owe Cee my life. Or something, lol:

Shannon, I’ll let you in on a little secret, the Aussie girls love their fashion and can work it like no one else ;-) Rose, Cate and Miranda, we don’t get much better than that! Wish they wore more Aussie designers but understand they’re in demand with huge fashion houses. Love these ladies!

Tonight, there’s a 95% chance that I will once again fall asleep watching the awesomeness that is Damages, which many a PITNBr recommended to me a while back. Plus, I have this thing for Rose Byrne now so I need to embrace that. Nobody call me!

  • Cee

    Aww thanks for the shout out (in more than 1 post, I’m just catching up on the weekend posts!), Shannon! I am just super happy that there is a blog out there that celebrates our gorgeous, down to Earth Aussie girls! Keep the gorgeous posts up! x

  • Britney’sBitch

    That hairline, tho….still… smh

  • Devonte Antonio

    So…next TBT will feature Throwback Cuties and where are they now? Like Allen Payne in Jason’s Lyric or JTT and Devon Sawa in WIld America…or Zachary Ty Bryan after he hit puberty on Home Improvement…leSigh…the 90s…

    • Alecia

      I second that emotion.

    • Vicky

      OMG… Devon Sawa in Wild America. I am definitely going to see if that movie is on Netflix!!!!!!

    • Shannon

      Devonte Antonio and Alecia, duly noted ;)

  • ClaireMichelle

    Too much awesomeness this week! Hilarious! Also, now I really need to go watch Casper…

  • Joan

    Long Live King Kong!
    Btw, Devon Sawa has one of the most entertaining Twitter accounts. And he hates when people tweet him “Can I keep you?” LOL! I have been watching Nikita for the past years because it brought me back me back two of my teenage crushes: Devon Sawa and Shane West. On that note, I also watch Franklin & Bash because it brought me back the MOTHER of all my teenage crushes: Mark-Paul Gosselaar aka Zach Morris. And now I’m just rambling, but yeah…LOL!

  • Joanna

    Haha YES! My boyfriend just called me lame for telling him about this! I’ve been reading this blog since my mid-teens (now 23) so, yeah, I fangirl-ed like crazy when I saw the shoutout :D Thanks Shannon xX

    • Shannon

      Joanna, you are not lame, you are FAMOUS! Your thoughts on Paris Hilton and photoshopping have been forever immortalized here. Tell your boyfriend not to worry. I’m sure you won’t let your newfound celebrity go to your head ;)