Miley Cyrus Is Completely Nude On This New Marc Jacobs Shirt


We’ve seen Miley Cyrus rocking barely-there shorts, barely-there dresses, and totally-there diapers, but this is Miley on a whole ‘nother level. The singer joined in on the celebrity nude-for-a-cause campaign, and can now be seen completely naked on a Marc Jacobs t-shirt. I always think it’s kinda hilarious when people strip down “for a good cause,” but if that’s what they’re calling it, then I’ll go along with. Click inside to see Miley baring all for the Protect the Skin You’re In campaign!

Miley for Marc Jacobs:


E! has the deets:

Miley Cyrus is stripping down for charity.

The twerktastic songbird took to Twitter Thursday night to reveal her latest collaboration with Marc Jacobs International for the “Protect the Skin You’re In” campaign, for which she posed completely nude to raise money for the New York University Skin Cancer Institute.

The “We Can’t Stop” singer is completely naked on the charity-benefiting T-shirts, barely covering her ladyparts as she proudly bares her bangin’ bod and rocks her famous edgy hairstyle.

And based off her Twitter feed, Miley is clearly excited about the collabo with the famed fashion designer.

“Who’s gettin my #protecttheskinyourein Tee from @MarcJacobsIntl ❤❤❤,” the sassy songtress posted last night before adding, “Check out my @MarcJacobsIntl #ProtectTheSkinYoureIn tee❤❤❤We gonna save alot of lives #marcfam.” …

Proceeds from the $35 tees benefit the NYU Cancer Institute and NYU Langone Medical Center.

LMAO, see? I can’t help but find it kinda funny– We gonna save alot of lives? There’s just something weird about seeing that written in conjunction with a nekkid Miley, but sure. I’m sure lots of folks will cop the shirt… because they want to save lives. Or whatever.

Obviously, any campaign that involves raising money for cancer research can’t be a bad thing. I think it’s just sad that certain organizations feel they need to resort to advertising naked women to get people interested in saving lives.

What do you guys think of this whole movement?


  • Lauren xx

    Marc Jacobs has been making these shirts for years, and a bunch of different celebs (male and female) have done it. The ones he does with naked men says “Protect your largest organ” with an oversized T to cover their junk.

  • Alecia

    Yeah I don’t understand why nudity has to sell any and everything. Sometimes I see it, like PETA. But cancer research? No.
    This reminds me of when I was in Relay for Life in college and I stopped participating because some of the fundraisers to me were counterproductive. Yes cancer is bad but do we really need to be in a bar to raise money for research? If you want to drink, drink. Don’t bring a cause into it. The same thing with getting naked. She could’ve done the same thing on Maxim and I think I would’ve been more okay with it.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    She may be naked but nothing is showing.For all I know she was fully clothed when the picture was taken and then airbrushed.I see nothing wrong with this.In fact is pretty blah,,,

  • Emily

    Hey, at least her tongue isn’t hanging out. That’s a win in my book.

  • Megan

    Umm I feel bad for saying this, but it looks stupid. Her pose is weird, she looks washed out in b&w on a white tee, the lettering is weird, etc. It’s just weird. But her body looks good!

  • Joan

    Well, here’s the thing: if it was any other celebrity MAYBE I could take this a genuine attempt to bring attention to a cause, but to me this is just classic Miley still trying to shock the world. And yes, that “we are going to save a lot of lives” is kind of laughable. LOL! Oh man, celebrities.

  • swile71

    I give it a big old MEH. Nothing really interesting about it. If Miley wasn’t half naked daily then maybe this would have caught my eye.

  • Meg

    Um, am I the only person who thinks that this looks like somebody photoshopped Justin Bieber’s head onto a woman’s body?