Lady Gaga Will Debut Her First ‘ARTPOP’ Single At The MTV Video Music Awards


We’ve been hearing lots of exciting things about Lady Gaga’s forthcoming new album ARTPOP. Earlier this month she announced the official release date (November 11) and we learned that she’d been collaborating with some huge names in visual and performing arts (like Jeff Koons and Marina Abramović). The ARTPOP album/app experience sounds fascinating, but many of you felt like it could be all hype, especially if the music doesn’t turn out to be special. Well it looks like we’ll find out soon, because Gaga is debuting her first new single at the MTV Video Music Awards next month. Click inside to learn more!

Here’s the official announcement from MTV:

MTV, MTV News’ Sway and fans announced today from the Brooklyn Promenade via its various social media platforms that megastar, singer-songwriter Lady Gaga will perform the new single from her highly anticipated upcoming fourth studio album, ARTPOP, for the first time ever LIVE on the 2013 “MTV Video Music Awards” stage from Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on August 25 at 9:00pm ET/PT. Additional 2013 “MTV Video Music Awards” performers will be announced at a later date.

From her powerful and bloody rendition of “Paparazzi” to the gender bending, adrenaline fueled version of “You and I,” Lady Gaga is the mastermind behind some of the most memorable VMA performances in recent years. This year, she’ll continue that legacy with what’s sure to be an unforgettable performance of the first single to be officially released from her fourth full length album, ARTPOP, on August 19th.

As one of the most talked about and innovative artists of this generation, Lady Gaga has left an indelible mark on the “MTV Video Music Awards” by winning an astounding 13 Moonmen since 2009, including “Best New Artist,” “Video of the Year” for “Bad Romance” as well as “Best Video with a Message” for “Born This Way.”

Well, this is definitely one way to get a gabillion people to tune in to the VMAs. I, for one, am definitely curious about the ARTPOP single. Will she perform a duet with Marina Abramović à la Jay-Z? Will she come out in a brilliant, giant Jeff Koons- designed bodysuit? Will there be blood? LOL.

A lot of you were turned off by Gaga after that nude photo got leaked from her V magazine shoot. Will you be checking out her performance on the VMAs?


  • Nisim

    Gaga is so over. Go copy more Madonna songs while claiming to be “original”.

  • Monicaaa

    I’m not a Gaga fan so I’m not exactly objective but is she particularly known for her performance skills? For some reason I can’t think of one good live (televised) performance of hers. The ones I remember were awkward and uncomfortable.

    I know she’s known to be OTT with her outfits and stuff but I didn’t realize people consider her this great performer.

  • nicole

    its only been a couple days, and im already over her – again.

  • Jo