Watch: President Bill Clinton Performs ‘Blurred Lines’ By Robin Thicke


So … remember how I said that I wasn’t planning on posting new Blurred Lines mash-up/parody videos on a daily basis after posting that EPIC Blurred Lines vs. Growing Pains theme song mash-up yesterday? Well, it turns out I’m a damn liar because I have ANOTHER really great Blurred Lines vid to share. I can’t help it, this one is just too good … like the other ones (HERE and HERE). In the video you can watch above, President Bill Clinton performs Blurred Lines … and it’s effing BRILLIANT. You have to watch the vid if only for the President Barack Obama cameo :) I promise, you’ll like this video … and I SWEAR, this is probably the last Blurred Lines video I’ll ever post (maybe).

  • Alecia

    You get a pass on this Trent because as all of us 90s lovers know, can’t nobody do it like good ol’ Bubba.

  • DC

    omg love it !!

  • Ashen

    “I know you want it”
    *points down*

  • Rebecca


  • nicole

    LOL i love it. funniest thing i’ve seen all day.

  • Shannon

    OMG, I’m finally watching this. The Obama cameo is everything! Love it!