Watch: ‘Blurred Lines’ By Robin Thicke Gets Mashed-Up With The ‘Growing Pains’ Theme Song By Alan Thicke

"Show me that smile again"

OK, I swear I’m not trying to post a different Blurred Lines mash-up video every day or anything but … I have another amazing Blurred Lines mash-up video to share. This time around Robin Thicke‘s Blurred Lines gets mashed up with his father Alan Thicke‘s theme song to his 80′s sitcom Growing Pains. Instead of merely having the song play over the credits to Growing Pains, the actual music from the theme song is mashed up with Blurred Lines creating a new song titled Blurring Pains. It makes more sense if you watch the video so … watch it … and enjoy :)

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  1. Alecia

    This is plain awesome, Trent. The Canadians finally have a perfect mash-up of anthems from their royal family!

  2. Brandess


  3. omg haha i love this!

  4. Lauren xx

    This song is the new Call Me Maybe and I’m loving it.

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