After Some Light Instagram Stalking, I Now Realize That Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is Hot


A little while back we got our first look at the new Hercules movie starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and it was huge. I mean, Dwayne looked huge on the set of the new movie, and the movie looked huge– as in epic– and it was just a lot to take in, lol. The photos that Dwayne shared from the set of the movie got me pretty excited… about the movie, that is. But then something else happened. PITNBr Sabrina had to go and casually mention shirtless photos on his Instagram page or whatever, and for the next 7-15 minutes I was trapped in a vortex of workout photos and arms… just… arms everywhere… enveloping me… wait. What? LOL. Anyway, I know for some of you I’m, like, 15 years late but it suddenly occurred to me that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is hot! So peep the gallery for more, and click inside to celebrate This Week’s Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently!

So for those of you who are long time fans, I know what you’re thinking. How is it possible that I’m just now discovering the hotness that is The Rock? Well, when he first started popping off I reallly wasn’t into wrestling (I only watched wrestling when it was all about the WWF in the early 90s, so you can imagine what that Hulk Hogan sex tape did to my childhood dreams), so I missed those early stages of people thinking he was hot. Then he started making movies and I was like Okay, I kinda get it. But it still didn’t quite hit me.

But man, once I saw those Hercules pics and headed on over to good ol’ Instagram I was converted. He’s hot. And his work ethic is allll kinds of cray. Some days I find myself wondering if I’m working hard enough, long enough, exercising enough literary and critical muscles. I now know– based on this caption from one of Dwayne’s pictures– that I am in no way close to even beginning to understand the concept of ‘working hard enough’:


5pm: Cardio. 7am: Hit the iron. 10am-10pm: Film HERCULES. 11pm: Tequila w/ my lady. 12am: Gorilla lovin’. #TGIF

Ummm. Whhhaaaaaatttttt?! And at 12 am he still has energy for Gorilla lovin’?!?! LMAO, that ish cray! I was so impressed by this caption and I fully intend to start living my life/work schedule according to this. Obviously, this is how you get results in life, lol. Last month Dwayne landed on the Forbes list of World’s Most Powerful Celebrities, and he shared a great story about that as well:

In ’95 I had $7 bucks. By ’96 I was wrestling in flea markets for $40 bucks a night (God bless Waffle House).. To #25 on FORBES Top 100 Most Powerful. Some of you out there might be going thru your own “$7 bucks in your pocket” situation.. embrace the grind, lower your shoulder and keep drivin’ thru that motherf*cker. Change will come. #7Bucks

Love it.

Dwayne’s got a lot of great pics on IG, but I invite you to enjoy a few of my faves in the gallery. And thanks again to PITNB Sabrina for inspiring this week’s Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently post! No, seriously. Go check out the gallery. I know I’m about to…


  • Tess Stanley-Hannah

    I’ve had a crush on the Rock since the Scorpion King. He seems like such a nice guy too with a great sense of humor and humility. And yea…those arms nnnnghhhh

  • nicole

    here’s my thing about Rocky…i think he’s gotten TOO big. when he went back to wrestling for a little bit the past was hilarious because he couldn’t move properly with all this muscle up top. but the man in still fine. and probably always will be.

    • Nikki Johnson

      You are so right…I watched him when he went back to wrestling. He always looked like he was going to topple over! lol I have to say that you are right…he will always be fine!

  • Alecia

    He’s had it going on for awhile but I didn’t know he had a lady. Man, all the fine celeb men are taken.

  • Cee

    Rocky is def bigger now that when he was wrestling, right? He is a sexy beast, but I’ve only recently realised this too – BF made me watch F&F6 the other day, and to make Vin Diesel look puny is no easy feat! …saw the hotness, promptly fell asleep in the first 30 mins of the film.

  • Maanami Matthews

    Oh Shannon, yes you are very late to the game. Be careful “light” Instagram stalking is a slippery slope. Not that I’d know anything about that, but that’s what I’ve heard.

  • Sabrina

    Ahhh Shannon welcome to the world of The Rock. I can’t even call him Dwayne Johnson. He is #1 on my list of celebrities, because he seems so down to earth and you know he would be AMAZING to hang out with! I could look at his pictures all day! Gorilla lovin’ with him OMG *dirty thoughts*

    *walk of shame away from the computer*