Watch: ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Debuts Its First Official Trailer At San Diego Comic-Con

All Kinds Of EPIC!

Awwww shiiizzzz! It’s here! We’ve seen previews, posters and promo images galore. But now we have our first look at the official full-length trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire– and y’all are not ready! The trailer debuted at San Diego Comic-Con (where Trent is currently having the best time of OUR lives, lol), and now it’s available to the rest of us. This was especially exciting for me, since I haven’t even read Catching Fire yet (I know, I know), and some majorly epic plot details get revealed in this trailer. Like about 98% of moviegoers out there, I cannot wait for this to drop. Peep the video for more!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theatres November 22nd.


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  1. I can’t stop watching this trailer! AHHHH!! Catching Fire is going to be amazing. I can’t freaking wait!! You can tell that the budget is bigger this time around, and I am so excited! The shot of Effie when she is looking at Katniss during the reaping broke my heart!

  2. oh man..this looks fantastic! ahh cant wait!

  3. Omg! I almost cried with this trailer. Catching Fire seems epic thus far!!!

  4. muchacha

    Watching the trailer makes me want to rewatch THG and reread all the books… I think this movie is going to be GREAT.

  5. Tears aside… wohoo ax-wielding, ass-kicking Johanna!

  6. This trailer is amazing!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!

  7. EEEEE! I can NOT wait.
    And I too will admit I cried a bit during this. It’s just so powerful!

  8. Kayla

    Good lord, I don’t think I could possible be more excited.

  9. AW

    I love that Phillip Semour Hoffman is in this!

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