First Look: Old Guys You Love Party It Up In The New Trailer For ‘Last Vegas’


Okay, so yes. It’s basically Hangover for the super-grown crowd but it looks so funny! Last Vegas stars Robert de Niro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglass, and Kevin Kline as four friends who head to Vegas for one last party. Kline’s character is marrying a 32 year-old (Freeman’s character notes that he’s got a hemorrhoid about the same age, so that’s awesome), and ish gets cray as the old gang starts running through sin city. The trailer is hilarious, and you have to see Freeman get all bad ass when he jumps out of this window to get to Vegas– total madness. LMAO. Peep the video for more!

Last Vegas hits theaters on Nov. 1.


  • Lauren xx

    This looks hilarious, I can’t wait!

  • Alecia

    I gotta see this man. If only for the fact of a random LMFAO cameo and the fine Michael Ealy as Morgan Freeman’s son. I’m still mad at USA for canceling his show. But really, it looks funny and I can’t wait.