Charlie Hunnam Scores The Lead In A New Cop Drama ‘Triple Nine’


A little while back we had a blast celebrating the hotness that is actor Charlie Hunnam from FX’s Sons of Anarchy. I’d just started watching the ah-mazing series on Netflix and now I’m working my way through Season 2– and, yes, still loving every minute of the show… and my Jax. Especially Jax. It was so fun seeing Hunnam in Pacific Rim which I caught last weekend, and now it sounds like the British actor has lots more work lined up on the big screen. He just scored the lead in Triple Nine, a new cop drama from John Hillcoat (director of Lawless and The Road). Click inside for more!

The Hollywood Reporter has the story:

Charlie Hunnam could soon be putting on a police uniform.

The British actor has become attached to star in Triple Nine, a cop drama that Anonymous Content is developing. Christoph Waltz and Cate Blanchett also are being eyed for roles but no deals are in place and financing is still coming together…

John Hillcoat (Lawless, The Road) is set to direct the thriller written by Matt Cook about an L.A. heist in which a group of thieves plan to kill a cop (a “Code 999″ in police parlance) to divert authorities from their own crime scene across town. Hunnam could play the cop…

Hunnam is best known for his role on FX’s biker drama Sons of Anarchy, but he also starred in this month’s robots-vs.-monsters epic Pacific Rim. He next will reteam with Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro on Crimson Peak.

I am sooo excited for Jax! And OMG– if Christoph Waltz and Cate Blanchett actually sign on to this project things will reallly pop off. Love those two, and I’d love to see Hunnam get a chance to work with them.

Seeing as how he’s also in del Toro’s next movie, I think we can expect to see plenty of him on the big screen and the small screen. Fine by me ;)


  • Cee

    So how are you really enjoying SOA? I am unbearably existed for the next season. I think you’ll need to be caught up on SOA before the next season Shannon, so you can have a post-ep thread a la Revenge and Scandal! Charlie is gorgeous, but photos just aren’t his thing haha

    • Shannon

      Cee, I’ve had a few late-night SOA marathons and have totally fallen asleep on my couch at least 7 times trying to stay up to watch ‘one more’ episode. LOVE it. I’ll definitely try to be caught up by next season!

    • Cee

      Shannon, we need a SOA Comic-Con post, stat! Please?

  • nicole

    it was your Charlie Hunnam post that got me to watch SOA (i ended up watching all 5 seasons in about 2 weeks..thats healthy right?)..and fall madly in love with Charlie. i liked him in Pacific Rim..and cant wait to see him in more movies!