Watch: Selena Gomez’s Music Video For ‘Slow Down’ Leaks To The Internets


Selena Gomez’s new album Stars Dance hasn’t been released yet but the music video for the album’s second single has already made its way online (you may recall the first single was for the just-OK single Come and Get It). The video for her new single Slow Down kinda leaked its way to the Internets ahead of the release of Stars Dance this coming Tuesday and as you can see in the embedded video above, the video is HOT HOT HOT. Selena really goes for the sexy in this video which compliments the song very much, I think. Slow Down is a great track, deffo one of my fave singles of the Summer … and now we have the music video to go along with it. Click above to watch Selena’s video for Slow Down and see what you think. It’s hot, right?

  • Brady Alcon

    I love love love her. This video is great and sexy and amazing. And her album is amazing and is so full of singles it’s ridic!! There will be more hot videos to come!!!

  • rOXy

    Love this. Totally love it. It’s been a good summer for music.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Love the song and the video. The video kind of reminds me of Britney’s “Stronger” video, in a great way! Definitely looking forward to this new album!

  • Zeke

    I hate doing this but, as a Britney fan, it’s easy to see how the Pop Princess has influenced Selena.
    The car scene: Womanizer and My Prerogative
    The dance scene with the lights behind: 3
    The cat walk on the streets: Stronger

    Anyway, Stars Dance is a GREAT album. Hopefully we’ll see even better things from this young lady

  • nicole

    the girl looks fantastic. damn. shes officially won me over with this new album

  • Megan

    Wow, I actually really like it. It’s definitely Britney-esque but that just shows how smart Selena is lol. I do always wonder how the dads of these pop stars feel about songs and videos like this…awkward.