Watch: Christina Aguilera Teams Up With Alejandro Fernández For His New Music Video ‘Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti’


Christina Aguilera’s most recent album Lotus may have bombed like a mothereffer but that’s not stopping Xtina from going as hard as she can with the release of new music … the only problem is that the new music that is coming out from her belongs to other people and she just provides guest vocals. Nonetheless, the successful release of new music is a good thing no matter whose song it is. You may recall that Xtina was able to enjoy a hit song with her collaboration with Pitbull earlier this year on their single Feel This Moment and today we learn that she is trying to enjoy another hit with another collab. This time around, Xtina has teamed up with Latin artist Alejandro Fernández on his new single Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti. I’m ashamed to admit that I have no idea what a “ganas” are but from my terrible translation of the song title, it sounds like Alejando has a lot of them for Xtina today … or something like that. WHATEVER THE SONG IS ABOUT, Xtina is bringing it hard in the music video for this song … exposed bra, garish red lips, recycled hand thru hair dance moves and all. Check out the video for Hoy Tengo Ganas De It by Alejandro and Xtina and see what you think. Does Xtina have another hit on her manos?

  • Joan

    “I’m ashamed to admit that I have no idea what a “ganas” are but from my terrible translation of the song title, it sounds like Alejando has a lot of them for Xtina today” Hahahahaha! You are the best, Trent. In your defense, it’s difficult to do a literal translation of the tittle in the context of the song. Even for me. Spanish is my first language. LOL! But “ganas” is connected to a feeling of desire toward something? Long story short, the basically wants to do her. LOL!

    This song is a Latin classic.

    • helen

      @Joan – LOL! exactly, Spanish is my first language too but I get what you mean when you say it doesn’t have a literal translation. I relate it to when you say “Today I feel like eating a burger”, “today I feel like wearing pink” , “today I feel like jogging”, it relates to something you feel like doing/having, so yeah, just as you said, he basically wants to do her!

    • Karen

      @Joan and @helen — Thank you!! I feel so much better! English is my first (and, it could be argued, my only) language, but from lots of traveling in Latin America, I’m very familiar with the term “tener ganas”. I was feeling so lame that I couldn’t define it for Trent!

      What you two said is what I wanted to say, but felt unsure of myself. Thank you for giving me a momentary reprieve from my Spanish inferiority complex! (For some reason, everyone I’ve traveled with has been fluent in Spanish, so I always feel like I can’t speak it at all!) :)

    • @Karen @Joan @Helen — My mama is so ashamed of me right now :(

  • Erika

    She looks beautiful, glam and voluptuous. Collaborating with other artists is an excellent way for her to have exposure, remain current and showcase her talent in light of her difficulty selling records. Selling records IMHO has to do with popularity(talent optional) so I wouldn’t knock her for that.

    • nicole

      i agree with you about the selling records thing. record sales i havent meant much in years

  • nicole

    Christina is looking gooood. and im digging the song, although i have no idea what they’re saying and could easily be insulting me.

  • JazzyJeff

    I love Alejandro Fernandez and his tight, leather mariachi pants. It gives me the “ganas” to learn how to play the trumpet, accordion or something… He might need a multi-faceted backup singer or something.

  • Balito

    I think that the verb that best describe ‘GANAS’ is “CRAVE”… HOY TENGO GANAS DE TI >>> TODAY I HAVE CRAVINGS OF YOU…. And Alejandro aint having no ganas of Xtina… he’s gay!!! LOL

  • EEA

    “Today I have a desire for you”. “Today I have a want for you” and like Balito said “Today I have cravings for you”. However Alejandro is not gay. He’s been married twice, has 5 or 6 six kids and is a notorious womanizer. Christina knocks it out of the park vocally and looks … magnificent.

    One of my favorite lyrics in the song are:
    “Quiero apagar en tus labios la sed de mi alma/Y descubrir el amor juntos cada mañana”

    Meaning, in my loose translation:
    “On your lips I want to extinguish the thirst of my soul/And together discover love every morning”