Kerry Washington Finally Speaks Out About Her New Husband!


So yesterday was HUGE day for Kerry Washington and Kerry Washington fans the world over. The actress was nominated for her first Emmy Award for her amazing work as Olivia Pope on ABC’s Scandal. But, as we all know, that’s not the only reason Kerry’s celebrating right now. A few weeks back we learned that she went and got married to a boyfriend she’d been hiding from us, for like a whole year! We learned everything we could about Nnamdi Asomugha, and he’s officially been given the stamp of approval… because he basically seems perfect. Kerry is finally, finally speaking out about her marriage, and she also talked to People about her exciting Emmy nomination. Click inside for more!

People has the deets:

Newlywed Kerry Washington has many reasons to celebrate.

After secretly tying the knot with San Francisco 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, 32, last month in Idaho, Washington scored her first Emmy nomination on Thursday, for Scandal.

“I’m the luckiest broad in showbiz,” Washington, 36, who plays crisis manager Olivia Pope in ABC’s political thriller, tells PEOPLE. “I just feel really blessed and humbled and grateful for this nomination.”

The actress, who was at an airport in Northern California when she received the good news, had no time to celebrate.

“I had my dog with me and I was trying to get water for the plane in that hurried, crazy airport mode. I’m going to celebrate with my Scandal family after we have our table read today.”

When asked about being a new bride, Washington remains coy.

“I don’t talk about my personal life in the press, but I will say I’m really happy,” she says. “I’m blessed in all areas of my life.”

As for her date to the Sept. 22 ceremony in Los Angeles, will it be her new husband or her parents?

“I have not decided who will be my date,” she says with a laugh. “That was my parents’ question this morning! We’ll see.”

LOL, leave it to Kerry to talk about her marriage without talking about her marriage. Honestly? I will be perfectly content if we never, ever hear anything about their personal relationship. I was so amazed and impressed with the fact that she kept the entire thing private this whole time, and it makes me feel like she really values this relationship. If all she says is ‘I’m blessed’ and ‘I’m happy’ in every interview from here on out, I’m good with that.

I would, however, loooove to hear some deets about that Scandal table read! Gaahhhh! The new season approaches!!!

LMAO, I kid you not– I was just about to publish this and I went to YBF and found this! Pics from the set, and a quote from Kerry about the table read:



I’m really excited to read the script. It’s totally cold reading, of course. So we’re all dying inside with anticipation. Just, like, who will be at the table read? Will Scott Foley [who was made a series regular] be at the table read, or will he not be at the table read because his character is in the hole for the whole first episode? Will Joe Morton be at the table read as my dad, or no? Where do we start? We have no clue. So that’s super exciting. And also for me, I’m just so excited that I get to see everybody and hug everybody and thank everybody today, because to me, this nomination is really a reflection of this cast, how we inspire each other and how we elevate each other.

Okay yes. Now I’m officially, officially excited!


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  • fab4runner

    Not sure why my original comment didn’t show up, but it was something to the effect of, “Yay, I love it!”

    I am feeling the urge to re-watch the last several episodes before the new season this fall. Or I could just re-read our recaps, lol.

  • Karen

    It’s so nice to see Puck smile. :)