Watch: Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z Kick Off Their ‘Legends Of Summer’ Tour In Toronto


Back in February we learned that Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z would be hitting the road this Summer on their Legends of Summer Tour and last night, they got the party started with the debut performance in Toronto, Ontario. As I’m sure you can well imagine, JT and Jay-Z came hard last night delivering a concert performance chock full of some of their biggest hits … both individually and jointly. Click below to see a few photos from last night’s Legends of Summer Tour kick-off and check out videos from the show. Trust me, the photos and vids below are not to be missed!

If there is a better summer date concert, it takes place in an era long ago or a generation far away. For the titan-clashing team-up of arguably the greatest MC ever and a multitalented pop icon who returned to the stage after a six-year musical hiatus is made for him and her. Even without hearing a single couplet, you know Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s month-long Legends of Summer tour, which will touch 12 cities in North America, is strategically brilliant. Both artists are peddling new albums, so it’s fitting that the night opens with Timberlake singing the hook for Jay’s “Holy Grail” and climaxes with Jay rhyming on Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie,” the champagne flute his only instrument. As for what happens in between, well, it helps that J.T. can do a mean Pharrell. Although Jay-Z and J.T. each get solo mini sets, it’s their collaboration that makes Wednesday, in Mr. Carter’s words, “a special night.” The consummate pro, Jay-Z strolls around in his gold chains and Nets strapback, effortlessly spinning gems; “On to the Next One” and the new “Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit” sound better big and live. Not only does Jay have the support of an 11-piece band, but J.T. runs around the stage to help him out, singing Pharrell’s parts on “Frontin’ ” and “Give It to Me,” strumming guitar during “P.S.A.,” and playing the cop’s part in “99 Problems.” Seeing a superstar so willing to be the setup man is refreshing. Of course, Timberlake gets his shine, too, winning with “What Goes Around” and “Senorita”; The 20/20 Experience’s “Mirrors” becomes a female singalong. The guys have hits … In a building packed with 60 percent women (rough estimate), Jay’s lone slow jam, “Song Cry,” scorches then disintegrates into J.T.’s “Cry Me a River,” reminding us these happily married men wrote more interesting lyrics when there was a little dirt on their shoulders and smudges on the mirror. And Timberlake crooning Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” while bathed in a lone spotlight serves as the perfect hype-up for “Empire State of Mind”—a combo sure to score at Yankee Stadium later this week. Yes, the party is as well calculated as it is executed, following a structure and hit list Jay-Z is comfortable with. Even within the cavernous dome of Rogers Centre, there is no space for improvisation, no illusion that the masters are making it up as they go along. It’s a business, man. Still, Legends of the Summer favors elegance over excess. The lighting and splashes of video—in keeping with the aesthetic of Magna Carta and 20/20—complement the songs, but there are no fireworks or roll calls of dead MCs or gratuitous video interludes. There are too many smash songs to be heard.

Damn, the show sounds amazing! I’ll have to wait a few weeks to see JT and JZ here in LA but, yeah, after reading this report I am excited!! Here are a few videos from last night’s show … just to give you a taste of what the guys have in store for this tour:

Holy Grail:

Suit & Tie:

Empire State of Mind:

Wow, so great! These videos are amazing. It turns out that Justin and Jay will be in Detroit next month COINCIDENTALLY when I’ll be home for a quick visit so … mebbe I’ll have to catch them there, too. We’ll see. In any event, you better make sure you see this show if it comes to your town cuz it sounds like it’s not to be missed. Enjoy the vids!

[Photo credit: Getty, Pacific Coast News; Source]

  • nicole

    let me just say, if you can get tickets and go to this tour..GO! i was skeptical of going because im not a Jay-Z fan, but i couldnt turn down a chance to see JT. i had a blast. it was such a great show from beginning to end. loved it.

  • Alecia

    I have tix to JT’s solo show but I wanna see this now. Unfortunately they’re coming nowhere near the south so I’ll have to live through YouTube videos and reviews. Le sigh.

  • Jordan

    I went to this concert last night and it was amazing!!! They are both so talented and it was really cool how they set up the show. I would rank it in my top 3 concerts.

  • Elaine Robbins Iliff

    My BFF and I are taking my 13year old daughter to this show in Chicago on Monday. It’s her first ever concert. We can barely contain our excitement!

  • Jess

    One of the best concerts of my life!! Trent, if you even have a bit of interest in JT/JayZ then you must go! The energy,excitement and pure joy they have performing is infectious. You won’t regret it

    • @Jess — OMG, sold! I’m seeing them in LA and I’ll likely see them in Detroit too :D

    • Jess

      One piece of advice, unless you care about dj cassidy don’t bother arriving until 8. I got there at 7 since the show started at 8, but wanted to die a quick death when they finally came out after 9.