Watch: Beyoncé Revamps Her Official Website


Alert! Alert! Beyoncé has updated and revamped her official website at and, therefore, a new video background for the site has been unveiled. This new video, which you can watch in full above or on the homepage at, features a snippet of music from Bey’s new song Grown Woman. Check out the clip and see what you think. Considering how much great stuff Beyoncé shares with her fans on her official website, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing a lot of this new video on the site in the coming weeks.

  • Linnéa

    I love it, but seriously, she could’ve left the teeth out.. Unflattering in my eyes..

  • Jess

    What is she doing with her mouth? It looks like me when I used to get my lips caught on my braces

  • nicole

    i dont get why she just doesnt release Grown Woman as an official single. at least its something to promote why shes working on this album.
    and that damn grill…ugh i cant stand grillz – (espically on girls)..unless you’re Paul Wall, then its just weird if you dont have a grill.