Daniel Radcliffe & Jon Hamm Will Bathe Together In Their New Mini-Series ‘A Young Doctor’s Notebook’


I’m sure there are a great many reasons to see the new mini-series A Young Doctor’s Notebook which stars Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm but I can really only think of one reason in particular why we ALL must go see the project. Thru a series of circumstances, which I’m sure will make total sense within the context of the series, Radcliffe’s character and Hamm’s character end up together in the same bathtub. I’m pretty sure that the reasoning will be innocent and it’s very likely that nothing of any sexiness will come from the the joint bath but … isn’t imagination a wonderful thing? Click below to see the photo in full of Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm soaking themselves in the same bathtub and learn more about this new mini-series that we will ALL have to see when it comes out.

At the end of the Harry Potter films, we got to see Daniel Radcliffe happily grown up with a family of his own. In the new mini-series, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Radcliffe faces his less congenial grown-up self head on in the form of Jon Hamm. “I am the envy of every woman ever,” Radcliffe, 23, told the Sun of playing a med school grad who’s sent to run a hospital in an isolated Russian village in 1917 opposite the 42-year-old Mad Men star. Only the relationship between the younger and older doctor isn’t exactly friendly, and at one point the pair stare angrily at each other from opposite ends of a metal bath tub. “I got to take a bath with Jon,” Radcliffe told The New York Times. “I got to wrestle him, and throw a punch at him, too, which was all fun.”

If you can believe it, DanRad reveals that he was really looking forward to filming this bathtub scene with Jon … except, the whole experience didn’t really turn out the way he envisioned:

Radcliffe had been looking forward to filming the scene with Hamm, but admits it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as he’d imagined as they sat shirtless for hours in a tub full of freezing water. “At the time I thought: ‘Oh, I like baths, that will be a fun scene’ – then the water went cold and we were sitting there shivering, and then the hot water failed and the crew had to fill it up with water from the tea and coffee stand!” The four-part miniseries, which debuts on the Ovation channel this fall, is based on the book by Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov. It isn’t a comedy, but the writers inserted gags to explain the height difference between Daniel (who’s 5’5″) and 6-foot-tall Jon. “Jon is actually really small, he just wears heels,” Radcliffe joked.

You know, based on the description of this mini-series, A Young Doctor’s Notebook doesn’t really sound like the kind of thing that would grab my interest. But with the release of this promo photo, I must admit … my interest has been piqued. I guess I just have to find out which episode of this series features this bathtub scene, eh?


  • Ana Castro Di Tella

    It premiered in the UK in the winter, so I already watched it.
    It’s actually pretty good, and the bathtub scene is not sexual at all: they play the same character. Jon Hamm is the older version, who gets to revisit his past and help (or not) his younder self.

  • MJ

    See, in light of all the Jon Hamm pics in the interwebs, all I can think of the pic above is:

    Daniel: Hey, stop poking me with your foot!
    Jon: That’s not my foot…