Madonna’s ‘Secret Project’ Is Actually The Launch Of A New Clothing Line By Her Boyfriend


Back in March Madonna released a mysterious teaser video for a “secret project” that she has been working on with photographer Steven Klein. In June, she released a longer full-length trailer that gave the impression that this “secret project” had something to do with a larger, possibly charitable cause. Today we learn that the “secret project” cause is to hype the launch of a new line of clothing for a company called Defend Paris that is partly owned by Maddy’s younger toyboy boyfriend Brahim Zaibat. Instead of a teasing a project that might have something to do with the greater good, Madonna has merely been doing promo for a new clothing line that will benefit her boyfriend.

Madonna’s mystery video now has a name. The gritty dance/fashion film the singer shot with Steven Klein #secretproject video is part of a campaign to raise money for human rights causes through a new label inspired by old-school streetwear called Defend Paris. Madonna was among the first to wear a black and white screen-printed hoodie from its inaugural collection in May, featuring an assault rifle emblazoned in the center of the logo. The singer’s boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat, is among a group behind the label, a cloak and dagger operation that has promoted itself with imagery utilizing gun violence as a narrative. For now, the Paris-based designers wish to remain anonymous. But a spokesperson for the collective says Zaibat will appear in ad imagery on Defend’s newly-launched website, which includes a lookbook and e-store of black and white hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, T-shirts and hats. The items, made in France, retail for 25-55€. The spokesperson would not say if Madonna will be involved in the design process, although several high-profile figures are being lined up for collaborations, each choosing a charity they would like to “defend.” Zachary Quinto will be among those designing collections and Chris Brown, Rihanna and Steve Aoki have also been seen wearing the brand. “Some of them will design Defend Paris clothing,” the spokesperson said, adding, “Some of them just loved the concept… and supported us.” Proceeds will be donated to a cause of each designer’s choice.

I guess the only saving grace about any of this is that the proceeds from sales of this new clothing line will be donated to charity but it kinda feels really disingenuous that we were lead to believe one thing and then find out it’s something different altogether. I don’t really understand the heavy gun imagery nor do I think it’s a good idea to partner this charitable clothing line with the likes of Chris Brown but I guess … all the best to Madonna and her boyfriend. Nothing about any of this is at all appealing to me. I guess my assumption that the “secret project” might turn out to be something more significant than a vanity clothing line is no one’s fault but my own. I can’t help but be disappointed … and feel a little cheated. Ah well, lesson learned.

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  • Krissy

    I am still reeling from the recent version of “justice” that was handed out in regards to gun violence, so I am REALLY not appeciating this glorification of it.

    The top picture of someone from the back, raising the gun in their air in protest is beyond the pale. If that were a picture of someone in the midst of civil war, etc., it would be one thing. But raising a gun for FASHION is just too much. I know Madge loves to court controversy to sell whatever she is selling at the moment…but this is just the WRONG moment for guerilla chic.

    Not even NRA members will buy this stuff…you know how they feel about the french!

  • Isabelle

    Ooooooh, guns, so sexayyyy…NOT.

  • miguel

    Eww. Bye Madonna.

  • Kent

    What the what? LAME! Anyone who knows me knows that I love Madge to the max, but this is really lame.
    First of all, why the hell would she put so much of her time and effort (and money?) into promoting his line? IMHO, they won’t be together long enough for her to see a personal return on this personal investment.
    Second of all, what a suck ass “pay off” to this months-long campaign. I must say that throughout the campaign I had a gut feeling it may turn out a bit weak. After all, who calls their next, yet-to-be unveiled project a #SecretProject? I mean, duh, of course it’s a secret if you haven’t frickin’ revealed it yet. Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department.

    As a lifelong Madonna fan, I’m just disappointed and I think it sucks. And honestly, what a lame thing to follow up the fucking incredible – and, for me, life-altering – MDNA tour.

    • Kent

      hahaha, bit of a rant I went on there, eh?

  • michael

    Its actually a 17+ minute long clip about freedom and tolerance.

    • @michael — … and a clothing line to accompany those virtues.