Cory Monteith Seemed Happy With Friends Just Days Before His Death [UPDATE]


Late Saturday night we learned the shocking news that Glee star Cory Monteith was found dead in his Vancouver, British Columbia hotel room hours after he was due to check out. As you may know, Monteith struggled with substance abuse and just a few months ago completed a self-imposed stint in rehab for his addictions. At this early stage, no cause of death has yet been announced but the autopsy is due to take place today. Photos of Monteith that were taken just days before his death have been made available and show Cory looking happy with friends at a motorcycle shop in Vancouver. Additionally, we learn that director Adam Shankman has revealed that he spoke with Cory on the morning of his death … and by all accounts, he seemed well and happy. Because of his happy demeanor in the days leading up to his death, family and close friends are reeling from the devastating shock of his death.

These are some of the last photos ever taken of Cory Monteith — snapped just days before he was found dead in a hotel room — while the “Glee” Star was hanging with friends and drinking alcohol. Sources tell TMZ … the pics were taken on July 6th, the same day Cory checked-in to the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver … where he was found dead one week later. In the pics, Cory and a few buds are seen hanging out at The Shop — a local coffee house and clothing store for people who love motorcycles. We spoke to the owner, who tells us, Cory came in … was extremely friendly and really interested in choppers … even sitting on the owner’s bike. We’re told he and his friends chilled for awhile — laughing and drinking beers. One source on sight said Cory knocked back 3 cold ones over the course of a few hours — despite his recent stint in rehab — but didn’t seem out of control or wasted. He was perfectly nice. Cory’s not physically seen drinking in the pics … but the Lea Michele doppelganger he’s standing next to — who we’re told is just a friend — is seen clutching two beer cans. Possibly because cameras were around … and Cory has been open about his substance abuse issues.

Yeah, it was prolly not a good idea that Cory was drinking beers if he was in recovery but it really does sound like, at least at the time, that he was doing relatively well. I knew of Cory’s substance abuse problems but it never occurred to me that the problem was so severe … which goes to show that EVERY person with substance abuse problems is in jeopardy of something tragic like this happening to them. Director Adam Shankman has revealed that he communicated with Cory earlier in the day before he was found dead. According to him, Cory sounded absolutely fine:

Adam Shankman, who directed an episode for each of the past three seasons, told CNN’s Poppy Harlow that he had talked to Monteith on Saturday morning. The actor said he wanted to come down to California to Jet Ski. Shankman said Monteith was the glue of “Glee.” He was always welcoming, whether it was to a guest director or a new cast member, Shankman said. The actor knew all of his lines when filming began each time and would congratulate his fellow cast members when he thought they did well. “He showed up every day and he was a delight,” Shankman said.

Again, this goes to show that was we see and hear on the surface might not be representative of what is going on deep down underneath. We do not yet know the cause of death but it seems very likely that Monteith’s death was drug-related. It’s just such a tragedy … that a person so young, so full of promise could be gone just like that. Let’s continue to send our best wishes and prayers to Cory’s family and friends. And let’s hope that Corey Monteith is truly and finally at peace.

UPDATE: Cory’s manager Elena Kirschner is the one who took the late actor’s final photo a couple of days before he died. Cory, Elena and Maureen Webb dined at East of Main cafe in Vancouver and then she posted the photo on Twitter … which Cory then re-tweeted:

.@eastofMAINcafe and @ProjLimelight Great meal with good friends. @maureenwebb Oh. And this guy. @CoryMonteith


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  • nicole

    this still has me so shocked & in disbelief. i dont know the last time i was so saddened by a stars death. i just cant shake the upsetting feeling.

  • chadSF

    Since the news of his death, I’ve always wondered whether it was an unfortunate case of accidental overdosing. I remember Heath Ledger’s death.

    • Serenity

      A buddy of mine mentioned that sometimes people go to rehab, clean out their systems, and then try to take the same amount of drugs it used to take to get high – but with their newly cleaned up bodies, that amount tends to be lethal.

      At any rate, this is very sad. I really didn’t see this coming at all.

  • Deb Hodgon

    I prefer to think his death was accidental too. I am not a Glee fan, but my daughter is and has his face all over her walls. Nicole, I too can’t stop thinking about this, just so upsetting.

  • Alecia

    This is so sad. But even though he was smiling, no telling how he really felt. A smile can hide so many pains.

  • jillcasey

    Still in absolute disbelief. I can’t read an article, watch an episode of Glee, or hear a song of his without tearing up. As a fan and as someone who has seen her own father struggle with substance abuse over the years, this hurts me more than I can put into words.

  • Nick

    ugh THAT IS Lea Michelle in the pics, not a doppelganger. I mean check out that nose and lips.. definitely Lea.