Watch: Beyoncé Observes A Moment Of Silence For Trayvon Martin


So many people are in complete and utter shock over the acquittal in the Trayvon Martin murder case … others, I’m sorry to say, are broken-hearted and angry because they expected the outcome. In the wake of the news of the acquittal, people took to social media to express their feelings on the matter. Beyoncé performed a concert in Nashville, TN last night after the news broke and she observed a moment of silence in memory of Trayvon and then dedicated her performance of I Will Always Love You to the murdered teen.

Sometimes it’s really hard to process feelings when something like this happens in our society. Many of us aren’t directly affected when people we don’t know are lost but, still, it is sometimes difficult to not feel the pain of loss as intently as if we were mourning the death of someone in our own families. I’m very sorry to say that I, too, expected the farce of a justice system in Florida to acquit the the adult man who fatally shot and killed an unarmed Black teenager. In my heart, I prayed for justice but in my mind … I knew that it would be a stretch. As a student of government and law, I was trained to believe in the justice system … to believe that the judicial process works … it’s not always perfect but it works, I was taught. It’s just a very bitter pill to swallow when it very obviously fails. I think we all will process the outcome of the Trayvon Martin murder case in our own way. My heart just aches at the tragedy of it all. Sometimes a moment of silence can help but more often than not, a vocal and outspoken push for change is the better way to go.