Jane Lynch Files For Divorce From Wife Lara Embry


Early last month we learned the sad news that actress Jane Lynch and her wife Dr. Lara Embry split up after 3 years of marriage and today we learn that the couple are never, ever getting back together. Lynch filed for divorce from Embry this week citing “irreconcilable differences”. Sometimes when couples break up, particularly married couples, they find a way to work thru their differences and manage to salvage the relationship … clearly that was not the case here. It looks like Jane and Lara are truly dunzo for good :(

Jane Lynch is a woman of her word … a month after announcing her marriage to wife Lara Embry was over, the actress has filed for divorce. Jane just filed the docs in L.A. County Court, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The 52-year-old “Glee” star met 44-year-old Embry back in 2009 at a fundraiser in San Francisco. They were married a year later in Massachusetts and registered for a domestic partnership in California soon after. According to the doc, Jane and Lara have been separated since February. There are no minor children. In the doc, Jane says she wants to terminate the court’s jurisdiction to award Lara spousal support. Sources connected to the couple have told TMZ they do NOT have a prenup, which means they can expect a 50/50 split of all marital assets … but that will all be determined later.

Blah. This is really sad news. Jane and Lara seemed so happy, it’s always a shame when a cute couple breaks up but we don’t know what really went on in their marriage so I guess things worked out the way they were meant to. It seems especially sad that this couple decided to split particularly because they are among the most famous same-sex married couples in the country. But, if this doesn’t go to show that same-sex couples endure the same problems that hetero couples endure then I don’t know what does. I wish both Jane and Lara all the best as they move forward separately. No matter the reason, all break-ups are hard. Best of luck to them both.