Check Out Shailene Woodley In ‘The Spectacular Now,’ Plus 5 Other Movie Trailers You Might Have Missed


As you all know by now, I love a good movie trailer and I especially love keeping an eye on all the upcoming indie flicks. A little while back I heard that Shailene Woodley (in addition to starring in Divergent) had given a strong performance in The Spectacular Now. The trailer came out last month and it looks awesome! I’ve been meaning to share it with y’all, along with a few other trailers (especially this insane one starring Robin Wright and Naomi Watts who play best friends that kinda, sorta, start sleeping with each other’s sons– yikes!) so I figured I’d round ‘em all up in a little collection. Peep the video above to check out The Spectacular Now, and click inside for 5 more awesome trailers that you might have missed! Wait, did you know P!nk made a movie with Gwyneth Paltrow? Yeah, you better click inside.

1. Adore (previously titled Two Mothers)


OMG, I was SO not ready for this trailer!!! Agh! I’d heard about the film making its way around the festival circuit, and people were lit’rally protesting it because it was so… um… morally questionable. So naturally, I cannot wait to check it out. Robin Wright and Naomi Watts play two best friends who start falling in love with… each otherrrr….’s sons. Madness! But the director (Anne Fontaine) made Coco Before Chanel and the screenwriter is responsible for such brilliant works as Atonement, A Dangerous Method, and Dangerous Liaisons. I’m expecting great things.

Adore hits theatres September 6th.

2. Prince Avalanche


It’s Paul Rudd with the most epic mustache ever, and Emile Hirsch looking just like Jack Black. What more do you need to know?

Prince Avalanche hits theatres August 9th.

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