Hangin’ With The Oohlas


Yesterday was my first full day home from my amazing vacation overseas and, to be honest, all I wanted to do was … nothing. I sent my mountain of laundry to the cleaners (hopefully it’ll all return intact) and then rested as much as possible. Because my dear Ollie will be out of town this weekend, we decided to hang out together last night to get the weekend party started early. She graciously invited me to a rehearsal session for the upcoming reunion of The Oohlas and I happily accepted!

As you may recall, we learned last month that my FAVE LA BAND EVER The Oohlas are reuniting for ONE NIGHT ONLY this month for a special concert performance … so the band is in rehearsals for their July 23 performance. It was so cool to get to see Ollie, Greg and Mark rehearse the songs I love so much. I might’ve had some influence on the setlist, I’m proud to say … I’ll know for sure when the show takes place next week :D

Ollie took me out for beers and pizza after the rehearsal session and she was with me at the stroke of midnight when it became my birthday. Sigh. I have to send out so much love to ALL OF YOU for the amazing birthday messages that have been flooding in here on the blog and via my various social network profiles. You really know how to make someone feel special and loved. Extra loads of LURVE goes out to my dear Shannon for the amazing blogpost she published earlier today. I can’t say that I’m too keen on celebrating this birthday but all of my friends — WHICH INCLUDES EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU — are making it really hard not to want to celebrate :)

I deffo want to keep the day chill … I may go to the movies later, we’ll see. I’m hanging out with some friends tomorrow night for the “official” birthday soiree so I have that to look forward to. I’ll be on the couch if anyone needs me … thank you again so much for the love, I can’t even tell you what it means to me. LOVE YOU ALL SFM!!!!

  • dahlygirl21

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRENT!! Thanks for all the fun over the years!!

  • Siobhan

    Happiest of happy birthdays Trent! You MORE than deserve it!