Watch: Lindsay Lohan’s New Film ‘The Canyons’ Releases A First Movie Trailer


Back in June of 2012 we first learned that Lindsay Lohan won a role as a porn star in the film adaptation of The Canyons, written by author Bret Easton Ellis. A few days later, we saw her on set for the first time prepping for film production. In October of last year, we saw a bit of the movie in a series of teaser trailers that were released … then in January of this year we saw actual film footage of Lindsay’s acting abilities in The Canyons. Today, just weeks from the film’s official release, we get to check out the first official trailer for the film … which you can watch in full in the embed above. Lindsay’s husky voice is the first thing you hear and the film’s premise is kinda laid out in the short trailer. Honestly, I’m curious as Hell to see The Canyons so I’ll prolly pony up the dough to check it out. The Canyons will be released in some theaters but it will also be available for On Demand viewing and download … so it’s possible to watch this movie in your home without anyone else having to know about it. Perfect. Check out the trailer, see what you think. Are you excited for the return of Lindsay Lohan: Actress?

  • Jake

    It actually doesn’t look that bad… and dare, I say at times Lindsay looks good. Will be interesting to see how it turned out. Isn’t she due out of rehab soon. She might be on promo circuit if so.

  • Ashley

    I will certainly be watching this at some point… I mean, the movie looks okay but I’m not holding very high expectations for it. I used to be such a Lohan fan, buying every movie she put out (and basically loving all of them), but she has definitely been through so much (self-provoked), and her acting isn’t what it used to be (clearly).
    I still hold out hope that she will come out on top eventually, although it is a very teeny-tiny glimmer of hope at this point. I do believe if she hadn’t went down the path of substance abuse, etc. that she could have made it so far in Hollywood, but I’m afraid there is no amount of damage control that will gain her the respect she should have deserved. I hope this movie does some good for her, I don’t want to think about what may happen to her if it garners the same kind of negativity that Liz & Dick gave her.

  • ella

    Hm.. did my comment get caught in a spam trap because there was a link in it? I was trying to link to the New York Times article “Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie,” which was a fascinating in depth feature about what she was like on the set of this movie.

    It made it sound like she might be really good in it, even though it was very obvious how troubled she is.

  • rOXy

    I enjoyed the brief respite from LiLo spam all over the net. It wasn’t long enough.

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    OMG! James Deen is in this? lol. Surprised no one noticed. He’s a total babe, and I might add I’m a fan. Not so much of his “backdoor teen mom” glory however.