First Look: Britney Spears Releases A Music Video For ‘Ooh La La’


It’s here … it’s finally here … after a LOT of teasing, our dear Britney Spears has FINALLY released the music video for her new single Ooh La La which will appear on the soundtrack for The Smurfs 2. As you can see in the embed above, it’s a family affair for Britney as her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James also feature in the video … along with her niece Maddie Briann. The clip is cute enough for the song, I think … but it’s a pretty standard movie music video. Britney looks fantastic, her kids look adorable … and The Smurfs 2 looks unwatchable. Even still, Smurfs 2 opens in theaters on July 31. Please enjoy!

  • janaegal

    I actually think she’s super cute when she’s just dancing around. But they should have nixed letting her interact with the CGI creatures, it’s pretty painful to watch.

  • ada_1601

    Can I just say she looks so much more like 2000 Britney in the face than her other recent videos… she actually looks happy!!! Maybe it’s because her boys and niece are in the video but she looks like is really enjoying herself!!

    • Ashley P

      I was thinking the same thing. All the head tilts in the beginning made me think of her first video, Baby One More Time. I think she looks great!

  • Ashley

    Super cute! Not your typical Brit music video but I can appreciate that this is meant for the younger audiences, not really for us.

    I still feel like she seems a little uncomfortable in front of the camera sometimes. It’s almost painful to watch at times since she used to be such a natural. I may be the only one who feels this way, but I love her so much it doesn’t matter anyways lol.

  • Monicaaa

    Could she be any more stunning? She is absolutely glowing! It makes me so happy to see her so happy.

    Those kids are all too adorable to handle too! And little JJ with the Catcher in the Rye tee? Too much cute!

    I am also so happy that both boys look so much like Brit and not her ex who shall not be named. They are going to be some heartbreakers for sure.

    Thumbs up!!

  • rOXy

    I love it. The target audience is kids, obviously. I just hope parents don’t get sick of this song, like the one by the purple dino. I have a feeling once the dvd is released, toddlers are going to whine to watch it. I hope this is a one-off and Britney doesn’t have ideas of becoming the “Mr. Rogers” of her kid’s generation. That said, it can’t be long now until her children are embarrassed by her “mom dancing”.

  • Britney’sBitch

    Gorgeous, adorable, sweet….

    Britney’s look is on the spot!! She looks hot. Her legs, smile…everything is just…right! Ugh

  • SD

    britney must be the coolest parent ever! i wonder how kfed competes with something like this? with twinkies? ;)

  • iamhewho

    a Rendition on Darius’s Hit Me Baby One More Time, Enjoy:)

  • Ruby

    She looks so pretty!! And she looks happy and her kids are so cute. Love it all, good video for the kids. :)