Celebrate Lil’ Kim’s Birthday With 12 Unforgettable Songs You Can’t Play In Front Of Your Mom


When I saw that it was Lil’ Kim’s birthday today I got inexplicably happy. Well, if you know me, I guess I was explicably happy. Because I effing love Lil’ Kim! And now that I know we’re both Cancers, my whole world makes sense! A lot of strange things have happened with Kim over the years and it sucks that she doesn’t get, like, daily recognition for what she did in rap music. I lit’rally cannot hear another woman rap without hearing a little bit (or a lot… ahem) of Kim’s voice, flow, and style. I miss her! Which is why 1.) I’m psyched that she just released a new song today, and 2.) I’m celebrating her birthday with some of her greatest Throwback hits of all time. Hide ya wife, hide ya kids, and don’t tell my Mom what we’re listening to LOL! No, seriously. Don’t tell my Mom. Click inside for more!

10 Unforgettable Lil’ Kim Songs That You Can’t Play In Front Of Your Mom

1. Lighters Up

There are countless Brooklyn anthems, but really? Nobody did it like Kim. I lived in Brooklyn for less than a year, but you better believe I act like I was born and bred there when this comes on. LMAO. Oh man, ya’ll forgot about Kim:

Brooklyn don’t run/We run shit/Roll up and just bum-rush sh–

2. Crush On You, feat. Lil’ Cease & Notorious B.I.G.


GAaaahhhhhh. How many of you know all the words Kim’s verse? Don’t front… just don’t sing it in front of your Mom:

Aiyyo shorty, won’t you go get a bag of the lethal
I’ll be undressed in the bra all see through
Why you count your jewels thinkin’ I’mma cheat you?
The only one thing I wanna do is freak you
Keep your stone sets, I got my own baguettes
And I’ll be doin things that you won’t regret
Lil Kim the Queen Bee, so you best take heed
Shall I proceed? (Yes indeed!)
I’mma throw shade, if I can’t get paid
Blow you up to your girl like the Army grenade
You can slide on my ice like the Escapade
And itchy-gitchy-yaya with the marmalade
Who me? Not you, oh yes, who’s he?
I even dig yo’ man’s style, but I love yo’ profile
Whisper in your ear and get you all shook up
But don’t blush, just keep this on the hush

LMAO. But I love the end of her other verse where she references Atlanta’s Freaknik…. Bwahahaha! Throwback Lurve!

3. Big Momma Thang


OMG…. Nobody talk to me… and someone please get my kids out of here, lmao! No seriously. There are some things that your kids will eventually be ready to learn about you one day; but no child anywhere will ever be able to accept that their mother is an avid listener of Lil’ Kim. Especially not after hearing the opening lines to Big Momma Thang. For real.


P.S. Yeah, I know. I miss when Lil’ Kim looked like this too, lol…

4. All About The Benjamins


Yo. There’s a helluva lotta people on this track, and even though the craziest beat drops for Biggie’s verse… this is Kim’s song. This is Kim’s world!

And to further prove my point, I gotsta post the Rock Remix:


5. No Matter What They Say


Don’t you wish they would have invited you to this friggen video shoot? I know. Me too. Me too.

Click over for more of Queen Bee!

  • Alecia

    Thanks for the shout out Shannon. I didn’t admit it as a kid, but Lil’ Kim had straight killer jams man. But where is Magic Stick?! Hello, that’s essential Queen Bee.
    Anyway Download was cool, but Uncle Charlie been snapping on these hip hop hooks for a while. I heard that Bound 2 he did for Yeezus and it sounds awesome.
    Anyway back to Queen Bee, I hope she works with Missy again in the future. And yes Missy, you should sing more hooks too!

    • Shannon

      Alecia, I think I’m officially harboring some harsh feelings against 50 Cent right now! I did the same thing on the Ciara post (leaving out a big song with him on it), LMAO! But you’re right, it was a dope collabo.

  • Mark

    Seriously, no “Queen Bitch”? Thats the best! Good list, otherwise

    • Shannon

      Mark, gahhh! You’re right. So many hits, so little time:
      [video-embed url=”http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D5clkFgVhmj4″]

  • dancingdanie

    Gah! Best list ever! The Jump Off is the song I want to play at my wedding reception! Best song ever!

    • Shannon

      dancingdanie, your wedding reception?! LMAO! Okay, we are officially online BFFL.

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    How many licks is such a sexy song, haha. I wish that you had the explicit version! So instead I found it on youtube. Great post however, I

  • Andrea

    Killer Throwback Shannon! Brought back so many memories, can’t get better than old school Lil Kim! Thanks girl!