Watch: Justin Bieber Pisses Into A Restaurant Mop Bucket . . . Because He Can


Ugh. Just when you thought Justin Bieber had run out of ways to show what a bratty little self-important jerk he can be, he comes up with a novel way of outdoing himself. TMZ managed to get their hands on mobile phone video of Bieber and his “posse” exiting a club in NYC earlier this year and as you can see in the video embedded above, JB decides to take a piss into a mop bucket found in the club’s restaurant. The Bieber gang refers to themselves as the Wild Kidz as Justin takes a leak into the bucket. Even more insulting is that Bieber dared to go out in public wearing his saggy, mothereffing RIDICULOUS looking droopy pants. Oof! That’s the dickest move of all!! Some will, undoubtedly, come to Bieber’s defense and cite his age as the reason for his assholery but pissing into a restaurant mop bucket is pretty shitty. I mean, seriously … the kid is just a little tool.

  • Kevin

    I dislike him and everything he stands for. Instead of accepting stardom/fame graciously, he has turned into a conceited little punk. I hate to say this (actually I don’t feel bad at all), but I wish his fame would start to fade and he would become a thing of the past in Hollywood.

  • Kelly Svihus

    Look guys! I can pee-pee like a big boy.

  • Krissy

    I can’t help but think of the poor soul that had to empty that bucket. Beibie is such a jerk and just so lame.

  • Joan

    Inconsiderate and disgusting, what the hell! And I can’t help but to think the janitor mop the floor with that same bucket afterward. Overactive imagination.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    I’ve had it. Officially!!!!

  • Alecia

    Not only that but he disrespected Former President Clinton by spraying his picture and saying eff him. I’m sorry that’s beyond classless. Canada if you don’t want us to extradite him, I say we chip in and get this fool a one way ticket to Guantanamo Bay.

  • ck1

    OMG! What the f—? The sad thing is that the way things go, celebrities have to have a downfall to have an upswing. Then you see them on Oprah while promoting their book or whatever, talking about what a jerk they were, and then everyone buys into them again. I don’t want the upswing. GO away all ready!

    • Krissy

      That’s a really good point!

  • ck1

    Oh, and what’s with the guy standing on the stairs watching him pee? Creepy.

    • Lori

      must be a bodyguard or something.

  • Jennifer

    Ok, I was his age at one point and I didn’t do sh*t as stupid as that, and I had respect for people. Poor person that had to empty that bucket. Someone needs to remind him what he came from.

  • Jen

    I can’t wait for the day when he is humbly pushing around a mop bucket, daydreaming about the days when he was famous.

  • nicole

    douchebag. America, you can keep him.

  • Ella

    No Nicole. Your peeps need to come scoop him back real quick! That is just so disrespectful and disgusting. He is the definition of prick and douchebag. Ugh, and his ‘posse.’ GET A JOB, SON! The real tragedy is there are millions of girls who would give in to their ‘swagger’ which is honestly another word for douchey.

    • nicole

      no no. he’s all yours. we dont want him back.

    • Thomas

      @ nicole – “no no. he’s all yours. we dont want him back.” – amen sista. Can we pretend he’s not from Canada? Ugh, what a representation of our country.

    • nicole

      @Thomas – i already pretend hes not from Canada haha

    • Thomas

      @nicole – I’m gonna start doing that too. Sometimes I forget he’s from Canada then all the shame rushes back when I remember

  • Amanda

    This saddens, disgusts and angers me all at once and I never even cared about this little punk.

    Why does he feel feel so ENTITLED? It really isn’t hard to be a decent human being to another person. Didn’t his mother use to work “low-paying” jobs before he blew up? How does he not think of someone like his mother cleaning out the bucket? IT JUST INFURIATES ME to the point of wanting to wrap his head up in one of his ridiculous pants and ship him ALLAWAY to a lonely island. Where he can hang with other creatures that pee in the water.

    • Karen

      @Amanda – Yes to everything you wrote! He revolts me.

      He thinks he is so high above everyone else, when actually he is so much lower.

      And, specifically, the person who put that bucket there and who had to clean it out after him is vastly superior to him.

  • Brenna Fender

    When my parents were his age, the were married and both had responsible jobs. When I was his age, I was going to college on scholarships I’d earned by working hard. Age is not an excuse to be a jackass.

  • Monicaaa

    Am I the only one who finds all of this “bad boy” behavior a total act? Not to say it’s not still super douchey – but I just feel like he’s trying so hard to get a lousy reputation so people will think of him as an adult instead of a little kid. It’s really pathetic.

    Wish he would learn that this isn’t the way to get taken seriously. He doesn’t have the talent to fall back on either IMHO.

  • naomi

    You guys are all haters get off his dick?

  • MzLadyLuck

    So disrespectful and tacky of him to do that. In a mop bucket though? really b really.