Jay-Z Reveals His Favorite Britney Spears Song


Jay-Z has been on Twitter for some time now but before yesterday, he didn’t really use his account very much. After Jay launched his official Twitter account back in November of 2008, his tweets to the world have been few and far between. With the surprise release of his new album last week, Jay did start to tweet more often … but after he posted a few tweets back on June 17 he posted “Ok that was my yearly allotment see ya’ll 2014..#newrules #magnacartaholygrail”. But yesterday, totally out of the blue, Jay-Z started tweeting and responding to fan questions. Naturally, someone asked him what his favorite Britney Spears song is … and he responded. In fact, he responding to a lot of questions with pretty humorous responses. Click below to read some of the things that Jay-Z shared on Twitter yesterday afternoon.

@KuntyeWest: What’s your favorite Britney Spears song @S_C_

@S_C_: RT @KuntyeWest What’s your favorite Britney Spears song @S_C_[Toxic.. jamming my G]

OMG, TOXIC … DUH! I had a feeling that Jay-Z was a secret Britney stan … you can see it in his eyes ;) It turns out that Britney was impressed and surprised by the fact that Jay is a fan of hers:

Here’s a report about some of the other tweets that Jay shared yesterday:

Though not usually a prolific tweeter, Jay-Z took to Twitter Monday, responding to apparently random tweets, tagging many of them with his version of LOL — *my laugh. He began by answering someone who asked a designer question: “Why do I care that you wear Tom Ford. I wear Hanes pocket T-shirts…should I write a song about it?” The rapper — or whoever runs his Twitter account — responded, “YES. *my laugh.” Over the next few hours, Jay-Z posted dozens more tweets, placing his answers to questions in brackets. At one point, actor/comedian Aziz Ansari got in on the action, asking, “Was it true the original title of Tom Ford was Izod?” “[Yes, but you knew that],” Jay-Z replied. Ansari followed that question with “For real, what’s your favorite pasta you’ve had in 2013?” “[see: Linguine and clam, but you knew that!]”

At one point, a fan dared to make the claim that she did not believe that Jay-Z was the one tweeting his responses … and he responded thusly:

@Only1Chrissy: Jay-Z is definitely not doing all this tweeting

@S_C_: RT @Only1Chrissy Jay-Z is definitely not doing all this tweeting [wrong, don’t worry it won’t be the last time you are #mylaugh]

I was reading some of the tweets as they went live yesterday and I totally believed that it was Jay-Z tweeting … I would assume on his Samsung mobile phone. Maybe he’ll get the urge to tweet at random people again, maybe not … but it was fun while it lasted. If you head over to Jay’s official Twitter profile HERE, you’ll see that all of his fan response tweets seem to have been deleted. Hmmm. I guess we’ll just have to keep an eye out to see if he’ll tweet at peeps again.

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  • Alecia

    Now if we get video of Jay-Z singing Toxic to Blue Ivy, my week will be made.

  • Monicaaa

    Loved Britney’s response on Twitter too. She seemed genuinely surprised and flattered.

    Some of Jay’s responses were pretty funny. And he does have a very distinctive laugh!

  • Lexie

    Sometimes my (now taken) love Kevin Durant does Q&As on Twitter and I LOVE IT! So glad to see Jay jumpin in on the game!

  • superjosh

    LOL KuntyeWest hahahaha.