Amanda Bynes Struts Into Court In A Mint Green Wig Because, DUH!


Amanda Bynes made her grand appearance in court earlier today here in NYC to answer charges that she allegedly resisted arrest after she reportedly threw a bong out her apartment window back in May. Unsurprisingly, Amanda used her court appearance this morning to strut and revel in all of the attention generated by her arrival … so, for the occasion, she wore a mint green wig paired with a tank top and sweat pants. As you should be well aware by now, Bynes has been using every opportunity possible over the past couple of months to showcase her “odd” behavior in, what I believe to be, a concerted effort to attract as much media attention as possible. Altho today’s court appearance wasn’t really that substantive, she did manage to maximize her appearance to her best ability … of course.

Amanda Bynes rolled into a New York courtroom today dressed more for a rave than a court hearing — sporting an aqua-colored wig, sweatpants, a tank top … and sneakers … and no one was surprised. Bynes was in court to fight allegations she threw a glass bong out of her NY apartment window back in May. According to police, Amanda threw the bong out of her window before they arrested her, but she has denied the accusation … in fact, she says the arresting officer sexually assaulted her by slapping her vagina. She also said cops entered her apartment illegally. But inside the courtroom today … nothing really happened. Bynes was virtually silent — and the judge continued the case to August 26 … though Bynes isn’t ordered to appear until Sep. 26.

This legal matter won’t be decided until her upcoming September hearing date so today’s court appearance was really just a formality. Still, I have no doubt whatsoever that Amanda loved every single second of it. A few years ago, when many of the former Hollywood “It” Girls were getting hauled into court to answer for their crimes, scenes like today were very common. We’d see photos of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan walk thru the hordes of photographers as if they were walking down the runway. These days, all we get is Amanda Bynes and her sad wigs desperately attempting to enjoy some of that same notoriety … which would be humorous if it wasn’t quite so sad. In the past week or so, Amanda has tried to generate attention by insulting people on Twitter … from Drake (her favorite person to insult) to President Obama (who she called “ugly” over the weekend), Bynes has been trying to get people to keep paying attention to her … and I don’t think it’s working anymore. Either Amanda Bynes will need to step up her game or she’ll just fall by the wayside where she came from. It remains to be seen what she will do from here on out but my guess is that she will continue to hold on as desperately as possible to all of the attention she’s managed to secure in the past year. Stay tuned … I suppose.

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  • Louigi

    Verrrry Little Mermaid, Amanda.

  • nicole

    well… at least she saved her best wig for court.

  • Jstar

    Who wears sweatpants to court?!

  • MC

    As Amanda Byes would say “She ugly.” Who would go to court like that. I agree it would be funny but its just way to sad. She not going to get better until either her parent intervene or she has another run in with the NYPD.

  • Kelly Svihus

    I am too afraid to say anything nasty about her. I do not want to be called ugly. My self-esteem can not take the cruel words of such a beautiful, sane and well-rounded person such as Amanda… o_0