Watch: The BBC Biopic ‘Burton And Taylor’ Releases A First Teaser Trailer


Back in February we learned that BCC is planning a made-for-TV biopic on the life of Elizabeth Taylor starring Helena Bonham Carter in the wake of the tragic made-for-TV biopic made here in the US which starred Lindsay Lohan last Fall. Early last month we got our first look at the first promo photo released from this BBC biopic titled Burton and Taylor. Today we get to check out the just released first teaser trailer for Burton and Taylor and I can honestly say that this 48 seconds of footage is already light years better than the entirety of Lohan’s Liz & Dick movie. Check out the embed above and see how the amazing life of Liz Taylor should be honored in a made-for-TV movie.

  • MessinaAdama

    Wow..its eerie how Dominic West looks like Burton. Cant wait to watch this.