Nicki Minaj Joins Instagram In An Attempt To Shut Down All Of The Fake Accounts


As you guys know, I just joined Instagram a couple of months ago and it’s absolutely one of my favorite things. Last week we learned that FLOTUS Michelle Obama had joined and I’ve really been enjoying following her account. Now, on a slightly different point in the celebrity Instagram map, we have Nicki Minaj who is officially @allpinkbarbiedreamhouse. Nicki’s been posting some pretty sweet pics and I thought it was really cool that she started with some fan art. Oh, and that picture of her betwixt super-hotties Pharrell and Nelly definitely didn’t make me jealous or anything so it’s fine. I’m fine with that. Peep the gallery for more!


    WARNING !! To all those who have been following Nick Loriaa on Instagram, he is not a 13 year old kid. He is actually a 50-60 year old man stalking young girls in the 12-14 year old range. There are many girls who have given this man a lot of their information thinking this kid was interested in them. There are a lot of people now tracking this individual and are determined to find out everything necessary to put a stop to him with the law. The person in the photos does really exist somewhere but under a different name. This person is copying all this persons photos under the name Nick Loriaa in order to attract young girls. Please have your child unfollow this individual immediately and block him from their account so he can’t continue to get information.