‘Max And Ace, Sounds Like A Team Of Detectives’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


I’m not gonna lie y’all; this week wore me out. Jessica Simpson gave birth to an Ace Knute, my girl Kerry Washington went and got secretly hitched, and Jay-Z’s album started live-streaming early, which inspired a pretty epic Throwback Thursday. It was insane! I mean, really. The Kerry Washington thing I’m still not over, even though investigating the true essence of her new husband Nnamdi Asomugha helped a bit. But all in all, fun was had and you wonderful PITNBrs had a lot to do with it. Click inside for just a few of our best comments of the week!

PITNBr Alicia Mayo-White made a hilarious observation about the names Jessica Simpson has chosen for her children:

Max and Ace, sounds like a team of detectives :D

PITNBr MJ also had to comment after the birth of Ace Knute Johnson. Parents, let’s all be careful with what, exactly, we put on our little ones when we name them:

Maybe I fell in the gutter this morning, but ACE Johnson? Hope he can live to that expectation. ;)

PITNBr nicole, I promise not to tell Robin Thicke’s wife about this one:

*sigh* oh Robin just give ‘IT’ to me already. and babies..give me babies.

PITNBr Karen joined in our shock and awe/celebration of Kerry Washington’s secret marriage to Nnamdi Asomugha. She also did some detective work for those of us (AKA most people) who didn’t even know who he was:

So crazy! And so AWESOME! They’re both beautiful. And he sounds pretty great…based on my immediate Googling after hearing the news! He’s done excellent charity work in Nigeria focused on women and children, and in the US focused on disadvantaged children.

So he’s smart, socially conscious, involved in the world, and hot and made of muscles. I’m gonna go ahead and say he’s acceptable. (omg. Can you imagine if she married someone bad? It would be even worse than when Kanye named his kid North!)

I want to thank all of you PITNBrs who came out and supported my freak-out session on that story. We Gladiators need to stick together, and all the little tidbits y’all sent me inspired the 7 Things You Need To Know About Kerry Washington’s New Husband post.

PITNBr Alecia expressed all the stress I was feeling on July 4th, when everything– including 50 Cent being charged with domestic violence– seemed to be happening:

Hold up! 50 cent got a second baby mama?! Say what? Too much news is breaking on July 4th with folks man. First Kerry Washington had a secret man now husband, now Jay-Z dropping albums everywhere, and you mean to tell me 50 got another baby mama! Umm, I can’t.

Anyway, whatever the drama is, it’s never worth putting someone in danger- baby mama or not. 50 need to chill. You got Vitamin Water money- you can afford to provide for your chirrens (Shout Out to Uncle Charlie, I forgot how fun that is to say!).

(Sidenote, if you missed the Uncle Charlie reference, you missed the friggen BET Awards! We had a lot of fun on the recap– checkie out HERE).

And PITNBr Cee, thank YOU very much for co-signing my multiple Miranda Kerr posts this week. Good to know I’m not stalking solo, lol:

They are such a gorgeous family. Two Miranda posts in 2 days, TYVM Shannon!

Thanks to all of y’all for another week in awesomeness! Earlier this week I finished reading Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea, and now I’m on to The Reader (the book that inspired one of my favorite Kate Winslet movies), so you already know– nobody call me!

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  • Alecia

    Thanks for the SO Shannon :). By the way did you know 50 is no making fun of the fact he didn’t get put in jail for his shenanigans on Twitter? A Trifling Fool.org, that’s what he is!

    • Shannon

      Alecia, I saw 50 acting a fool. It’d be funny if I wasn’t pretty sure that the allegations against him are true.

  • nicole

    haha! im sure Paula would be ok if i just borrowed Robin like twice a month. and when the babies come, she doesnt have to worry, i dont want the $300,00 in child support. a couple hundred will be fine. (see our lives our all figured out :) )

    • Shannon

      nicole, glad to see you’ve got it all figured out, lol :)

    • nicole

      our lives are* holy mess up lol.

  • manuel nava

    I wonder if anyone has actually called you (shannon) and you straight up tell them, “I told you not to call me”! and all you hear is the dial tone. Lol!!

    • Shannon

      manuel nava, LMAO! Never. If any of y’all ever get a hold of my number, and ever actually call me we will be talking for daayyyys, I promise :)

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    O.O wow. Thanks for the title shout out Shannon!