Prince Harry’s Shirtless Bod Used To Advertise A Gay Club In London


The gays in London really know how to celebrate Pride this year and they have THE BEST taste when it comes to posterboys for the happy celebration. Prince Harry has been chosen by a gay club called Manbar to be their unofficial mascot for Pride this year as his shirtless bod has been used to promote their establishment. Inspired by the shirtless photos of Harry that came out when he was serving the British military in Afghanistan a few years ago, artist Mike Bliss worked up the fun graphic that went on display this week. Click below to see the poster artwork of Harry and TELL ME that it wouldn’t inspired you to check out the drink specials inside.

The Queen should shield her eyes! Posters featuring a shirtless (and buff) Prince Harry have been proudly on display at a London gay bar dubbed Manbar. The controversial (and clearly Photoshopped) posters have the young royal promoting drink specials and even pride weekend activities. Manbar has boasted that they were voted the “best new venue in London,” and apparently Prince Harry is the poster boy for the happening hot spot. The poster mockups were created by an artist named Mike Bliss, and were inspired by Harry’s shirtless rugby game in Afghanistan back in 2008. No word yet on whether Prince William’s brother has seen the ads.

As a public figure, I’m sure Harry and the rest of the royal family are well-used to having their likeness used in various creative ways … this just happens to be the latest creative way that Harry and his royal hotness have been used. I would hope that Harry wouldn’t object to having his shirtlessness used to celebrate gay pride cuz I don’t think many other people would object either :D


  • googleIT

    sorry, i’ve seen the rugby pics
    the designer got super cut & paste creative
    PH might have the abs, but not the beef & that’s def not his neck