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So, yeah, Kirsten and I are really, REALLY loving our stay in Stockholm, Sweden this week. From the start, our plan was to just chill out in the city, take the days as they come without much planning. We decided to check out a couple of the museums in town yesterday and spent much of our day filling up on culture. We planned to go for a boat ride last night but our laziness got the better of us and we decided to skip the boat tour and rest up for a night of dancing. Much of our night/early morning was spent filling up on clubbing … and we had a total blast! Click below to see some photos from our fun Friday here in Stockholm.

The early part of the day was spent at the Vasa Museet and the Moderna Museet. Everyone said that we needed to check out the Vasa Museum so that we could see, in person, a massive ship that sank and then was recovered, reconstructed and put on display. Altho it was a bit touristy, I’m glad we checked it out. The Vasa is MASSIVE and very impressive. We then made our way to the Modern Museum of Stockholm and spent the rest of the afternoon soaking up some pretty amazing artwork. Modern Art is really hit or miss for me but I do enjoy seeing as much of it as possible. Of the many museum offerings, these were our top two faves to check out.

Last night/this morning, we made our way to Kolingsborg for their weekly Paradise dance party:

I love European dance clubs because the music is always about 20 years old and really super fun. Kolingsborg has 3 different levels of music to satisfy your House/Pop/Techno needs. It took a while for Kirsten and I to get our groove on but once they FINALLY played some Britney Spears, it was game on. The handlebar mustache guy above was a total trip. He was the nicest, most interesting America-hating Communist I think I’ve ever met. Hahaha. The party ended at about 4 AM, which was about an hour AFTER the sun had risen for the day. It is so bizarre to experience so much sunlight. It was still twilight at around 11 PM last night then the sun was back up at around 3 AM. I don’t know how anyone sleeps around here, it’s always daytime :D

Today, Kirsten and I are planning to hop a train to visit Upsala then tonight, we’re hoping to hang out with a friend of a friend who lives here in town. We only have a couple more days left of our Stockholm trip before we fly back to the US so we’re gonna make the most of it. I hope all is well where YOU are today. Happy Saturday!!

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  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Did you check the red light district already.It is fun.It is not as riske as the one in Amsterdam but it is different.

  • Bella

    I’m so so happy that you guys are enjoying Stockholm :) It sure is a great city! I laughed so much when I read that you wonder how ppl can sleep when it’s always so bright outside, had to read it to my husband and he smirked and said that we bloody deserve a lot of sunshine lol. :) You see..During the winter months we have about 5-7 hours of sunshine each day..The sun rise around 8-9 AM and go down around 3-4 PM. It’s horrible and one always feel so bloody tired :) And pale! Hahaha

    Anways, super glad and excited that you are in Stockholm and having a good time :)

  • dancoh from Stockholm

    What redlight district?

  • Balito

    You were wearing JHORTS!!! Noooooo… :O