Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Over The Trolls, Quits Twitter


Early last month we learned that actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was expecting her first child with boyfriend and Client List co-star Brian Hallisay. Shortly thereafter, it was confirmed that the two were actually engaged to be married, and we even got a peek at the bling. One can assume that this is a totally exciting time in her life, and at the same time it’s a lot to take on at once for any person. As a celebrity, Jennifer is obviously subject to a different kind of criticism and/or public scrutiny, and it sounds like she’s had enough. The pregnant actress just announced that she is OV-AH Twitter for now, as the spirit of the social media site has just gotten too negative for her. Click inside for more.

E! has the story:

Don’t look for updates on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pregnancy on Twitter.

The mom-to-be has called it quits on the social networking site, citing the “negativity” she’s experienced as her reason for signing off.

“Unfortunately with all the negativity people choose to send on twitter as well as threats to their own well being,” Hewitt tweeted Wednesday. “I’m sad to say twitter is no longer for me. I have enjoyed all the kindness and love that came my way, as well as support. But this break is needed.”

“Life should be filled with positivity and holding each other up, not making threats and sending bad vibes. To those of you who made it a joy, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The Client List star announced her pregnancy and engagement to costar Brian Hallisay recently, saying in a statement, “This is a wonderful time and we are looking forward to starting our family together.”

I didn’t really follow JLH so I don’t know to what exactly she’s referring. However, if you follow any celebrity (or anybody) on Twitter, it doesn’t take long to see that it’s not always fun and games. People get so out of line and cray when they can hide behind the veil of social media. There are times when I just gotta log off and shake my head, so I can totally see why someone would just want to get away from it.

Here’s hoping Jennifer finds the peace of mind she needs right now. She should really just be fueling up on cookie dough ice cream and prenatal vitamins, not worrying about other people’s silliness. Anyway, it doesn’t look like she’s deleted her account or anything; she’s still technically on Twitter so I assume she means she’s taking a break from updating and interacting online.