Kanye West’s Producer Says ‘Watch The Throne’ 2 Is Definitely Happening


Yesterday we celebrated 16 of Jay-Z’s greatest collaborations ever, and it was only right that we took a moment to obsess over his work with Kanye West on Watch The Throne. With songs like No Church In The Wild, N-ggas In Paris, Otis, and Why I Love You, Watch The Throne was, for me, a brilliant collection. During Kanye West’s Throwback Thursday I mentioned that, from very early on, I was hoping for a collaborative album from these two geniuses and it looks like my dream will be coming true twice over! Kanye West’s producer Mike Dean (who worked on the first Throne album) actually got into a debate with another super producer Hudson Mohawke (who’s also worked with Kanye) on Twitter, but the end result was his official confirmation of Watch The Throne 2! Please. Don’t make me go on about how ridonkulously excited I am for this, lol! Click inside for more!

Complex has the story:

It was all good just a week ago…

Following a semi-heated back-and-forth between musicians Hudson Mohawke and Mike Dean about Magna Carta Holy Grail, (in which HudMo pulled no punches in describing how he felt about the record) Dean revealed that the sequel to Watch The Throne is indeed in the works. Hopefully for HudMo fans, any unfavorable politics surrounding his MCHG opinion don’t end up getting in the way of the music.

This isn’t actually the first time Dean has “confirmed” WTT2, he talked about it about a year ago. But now things appear to be getting real. Here we are again, waiting for Jay and Ye, just when we thought we’d get a break.

Here’s a screenshot of the tweets:


Also, I just fell in LURVE with Hudson Mohawke because the debate with Mike Dean began over some critical tweets HudMo shared about Magna Carta Holy Grail. You can read all his tweets HERE, but one thing he said was, ‘This record could’ve came out 10 yrs ago n no one wouldve batted an eye lid.‘ OUCH, and YES. I kind of, totally agree. Which is why I think it would be so dope for Jay to really get back in the studio with Kanye, who is on a whole ‘nother level since Yeezus dropped.

Here’s hoping they get to work on Watch The Throne le deux soon!


  • Akili

    1). YESSSSSS to WTT2

    2). I really like MCHG and I’ll tell you why–Blueprint 3 was lazy. It didn’t deserve to be in the Blueprint family. It was boring. I feel like Jay was dragged into the studio and dripped “meh” all over BP3. But then WTT happened. And I feel like Kanye’s energy and determination to be epic and God-like really inspired Jay. That was some of the best rapping Jay had done in a while. And I feel like that vigor carried over into MCHG. Is it the Black Album? Of course not! But its the most Jay-like Jay has sounded in a long while. And any album that has lyrics like “Somewhere in America Miley Cyrus is twerkin’…twerk Miley twerk” is a piece of Americana that I dig! But that’s just this listeners humble opinion.

    3). Considering the direction of Yeezus (which had a slow burn, but I love), I’m excited to hear what sound WTT2 would have.

    4). Between 20/20 and MCHG, Timbaland is back and I. Love. It.