A Viking & Viqueen


Day #2 here in Stockholm, Sweden turned out to be a lot of fun … especially after our luggage was delivered straight to our hotel room. Altho it was a bit annoying having to go without our bags for an entire day, Kirsten and I made the most of it and had as much fun as possible. Once our bags showed up, we REALLY started to have fun. For dinner, we made our way to a placed called Aifur which is kind of like a Viking version of Medieval Times back home. The entire place, from decor to the waitstaff, is meant to feel like you’ve gone back in time. After dinner, we made our way to the IceBar to have a drink in the -7 degree venue that is made entirely of ice … seriously. Our day may have been a bit touristy but it was deffo a lot of fun.

Dinner at Aifur was so much fun. I decided that I was going to have the best Viking experience I could … so I orded a dish from the more exotic side of the menu. For dinner last night, I had Moose for the very first time. Altho I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, I figured … when in Rome do as the Swedes used to do centuries ago. Much to my surprise, the Moose was really good. I enjoyed an Icelandic beer during dinner and a glass of Swedish mead after dinner … so, so good. After dinner, Kirsten and I hightailed it across town to grab a drink at the IceBar:

Yeah, that place is coooold. The walls, the bar, the tables, the benches, the glasses you drink out of … everything is made of ice in there. Really, you can only stand the cold for about one drink before you have to get out of there but one drink was all we needed. I got to meet a Canadian PITNB reader and her husband in the IceBar, which was a very nice surprise. I’m so bummed I didn’t think to take a photo. Ugh, I’m a terrible blogger. In any event, it was my pleasure meeting her last night :)

Today has been a bizzy day and we still have some stuff left to do. Kirsten and I visited a couple of museums earlier and we’re headed for a boat tour later on. I’ll be sure to share as many photos as I can of all of our continuing fun! I hope you are having the best Friday ever!! Happy Weekend!!

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