OMFG: Kerry Washington Got Hitched To NFL Star Nnamdi Asomugha!!!


Where to begin… where to begin. Sigh. Okay. Here we go. Kerry Washington is just… the coolest. Last night I was minding my own business when our very own PITNBr Sabrina (BREE_IZZY on Instagram) sent me the cray-est news ever in the history of everdom. Our girl and Scandal star Kerry Washington went and got herself hitched to football player Nnamdi Asomugha! I promise y’all I have never thrown my phone down and googled something so quickly. And sure enough, there it was on E! I can honestly say that I am so happy for Kerry… and kind of, weirdly, jealous of Nnamdi, lol. Click inside to learn more! Our girl is married, y’all!

Dude. THIS is Olivia Pope’s Kerry Washington’s friggen husband!!! OMG:

42nd NAACP Image Awards - Red Carpet


E! has the story:

Not exactly a Scandal, but this is certainly a surprise!
Kerry Washington married San Francisco 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha on June 24 in Blaine County, Idaho, E! News exclusively confirms.
Because, you know, they were such a high-profile couple…?

Well, according to sports gossip site, which was first to get wind of the happy news, Asomugha has been dating Vanity Fair’s August 2013 cover girl since last summer.

The 31-year-old three-time Pro Bowl star played with the Oakland Raiders, who drafted him following his graduation from UC Berkeley in 2003, for eight seasons and the Philadelphia Eagles for two before signing with the 49ers in April. The bookish athlete is no stranger to showbiz, either, having scored acting gigs on The Game, Friday Night Lights and Leverage in recent years.

Like his bride, Asomugha is also a dedicated activist and philanthropist and he has participated in the Clinton Global Initiative every year since 2009.

This is the first marriage for Washington, 36, who went from generally lovely actress to mega-star over the past year thanks to her breakout roles playing not-to-be-messed-with political fixer Olivia Pope on ABC’s Scandal and Jamie Foxx’s enslaved wife Broomhilda von Shaft in Django Unchained.

According to People, the only witnesses at the wedding were Kerry’s parents. I mean– by today’s standards– this pretty much falls under the category of an elopement right? How ridiculously romantic is that?! I had absolutely no idea that Kerry was even dating this guy, and now they’re married. There’s something really awesome about that. I saw a reader mention on another site that it proves that one really can have some privacy in Hollywood, if that’s what you work towards. I can’t even believe they kept this under the radar. Madness! And I have to say– I cannot believe she’s married to an NFL player! Like, whaaat?! Did not see that coming. Like, not even a little bit. I just love it when people surprise me!

So, without further ado CONGRATULATIONS to my fave, Kerry Washington and her new husband Mr. Kerry Washington Nnamdi Asomugha! LOL, no but for real. This is awesome. I’m about to go do some serious research on this guy just so we know who we’re dealing with… but something tells me we have nothing to worry about. Methinks Kerry knows how to pick ‘em.

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  • Sabrina

    Thank you for the shoot out Shannon! As soon as I read that last night, I thought “OMG does Shannon know???” I had to tell you and freak out with you.

    • Shannon

      Sabrina, thank YOU! I think the news was less traumatic coming from you. Don’t get me wronged– I’m psyched for her! It was just such a shock!

  • Lydia

    I’m not gonna lie. When I saw the news this morning, I immediately came here to see if you had seen it, Shannon.

    • Shannon

      Lydia, y’all know me SO well!

  • Karen

    So crazy! And so AWESOME! They’re both beautiful. And he sounds pretty great…based on my immediate Googling after hearing the news! He’s done excellent charity work in Nigeria focused on women and children, and in the US focused on disadvantaged children.

    So he’s smart, socially conscious, involved in the world, and hot and made of muscles. I’m gonna go ahead and say he’s acceptable. (omg. Can you imagine if she married someone bad? It would be even worse than when Kanye named his kid North!)

    • Shannon

      Karen, ‘Can you imagine if she married someone bad?’ LMAO! Exactly! It’d be like when I found out Kate Winslet married someone named Ned Rocknroll. This is much, MUCH better :)

    • Karen

      I’m still pretending that didn’t happen!

  • Samantha

    I’m so happy and so jealous.

  • azulsky

    I also did a little internet research (stalking) to find out about Kerry’s husband and came across this video on Nnamdi. Needless to say my faith in Kerry has not be shaken.

    I normally just lurk but I adore both Trent and you Shannon especially the Scandal recaps and PopCulture club.

    • Shannon

      azulsky, thanks for sharing the video. I’m checking it out now, and things are looking very good for our Kerry, lol. And I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the posts!

  • azulsky

    Forgot the video link, here you go

  • Ben@PR

    ” I saw a reader mention on another site that it proves that one really can have some privacy in Hollywood, if that’s what you work towards.” My exact thought and I respect that. Congrats Kerry for your marriage and for keeping your privacy!!!

    I was a little surprised in a good way that this guy was been Googled after having married Kerry. Her hardcore fans really wants nothing but the best for her.

  • Lindsay

    AS SOON as I heard this – the first thing I did was come to this site to “see if Shannon had heard/commented yet!” hahaha :-)

    and then I did my Olivia Pope homework! He seems like a good guy! Props to her for keeping it quiet! Love her!

    P.S. did you know she was once engaged to the guy from “Newsies”! craziness.