Much Ado About ‘Much Ado’


My friend Kirsten are on our way to Stockholm, Sweden later today for a little holiday together but we made a pitstop here in NYC, NY for the night to break up all of the awful flying. We decided to take it easy last night and only went out for a delicious sushi dinner and then a movie. Because Kirsten had yet to see it, we decided to see Much Ado About Nothing at the Lincoln Center. As you may recall, I have a small cameo role as a wedding guest extra in the film so I was excited for Kirsten to see it. I managed to sneak a couple of photos of my cameo in the film so if you’ve yet to see the film you can get a peek at me in Much Ado below … but seriously, GO SEE THIS MOVIE PLEASE ;D

I hadn’t planned on snapping photos (a big no no in a movie theater) but Kirsten insisted and, well, the theater was sparsely full so I didn’t really bother anyone. My scenes in the movie are quick but I managed to get a couple of snaps that show me in a VERY pivotal scene in the movie along with my name in the credits :) Kirsten loved the movie and a great time was had by us both. If you’ve yet to see Much Ado in theaters, please do so. The money will help Much Ado’s success … which is something I think we all want. A successful film like this will let Joss Whedon make more small films like this :) The weather is muggy and gross here but we enjoyed a nice walk in the city last night.

In a few hours, tho, we make our way to Europe. As I mentioned before, I will do as much work as I can while on holiday so … stay tuned. I plan on Instagramming a lot so if you’d like to keep up with my adventures in semi-real time you can do so HERE. The next time I’ll be comin’ atcha, I should be in Sweden! Wee!! Until then … LATERS!

  • Jennifer Wilson

    ohhh i love it! thanks for breakin’ the law to get us the screen shots of your debut into the whedonverse!! xx

  • t*

    I would have done the same thing!

  • nicole

    i couldnt help but laugh when you posted those pictures last night. you’re adorable lol.
    have a super fun & safe trip :)

  • Zanne

    Stupid question but why are you listed as T. Miguel Vanegas instead of just Trent Vanegas or Trent Miguel Vanegas?

    And I just found out that the movie is coming to my very non-cosmopolitan southern town on Friday for a two week run at our local indie theatre so the hubby and I will be sure to run out and see it. We may even get to see it together! :D (Due to lack of childcare we usually have to go see movies on our own while the other stays with the kiddo so it’s a super special occasion when we can manage to get into the theatre at the same time!;)

  • Paul

    I saw the picture yesterday. It was only in town for 2 weeks and the theater was not close by, so I had to make a special effort. Congratulations on being in the film.