Is Paula Deen Headed For ‘Dancing With The Stars’?


A couple of weeks ago, Paula Deen got herself mired in a shizz storm of controversy when it was revealed that she admitted to using the N-word (among other racist allegations) against some of her former employees. Since that time, the news has not been good for Deen as many of her major advertisers have decided to cut ties with her in order to distance themselves from the controversy. Deen attempted to apologize (a few times) but managed to bungle those opportunities as well. A few days ago, we learned that Deen hired a crisis manager to help her get thru this scandal and it looks like things may be starting to turn around for her. There’s a new rumor going around that Paula Deen has been approached by ABC to join the cast of the forthcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. Could this be the start of a positive turnaround for “poor” Paula?

Paula Deen has reportedly been approached to compete in Dancing with the Stars. ABC is said to be courting the celebrity chef for the 17th series of the show to bring in viewers. Deen is currently in the midst of a media scandal after admitting to using the ‘N-word’. She has been dropped by Walmart, which refuses to sell any more of her products, and pulled from a QVC lineup. Target, Food Network and Smithfield Foods have also cut ties with her. Deen was questioned by police in connection to a racial and sexual harassment lawsuit filed against her and her Paula’s Oyster House in Georgia. It was reported that when asked if she had ever used the N-word, Deen replied: “Yes, of course. It’s just what they are – they’re jokes… most jokes are about Jewish people, rednecks, black folk… I can’t determine what offends another person.” She was previously asked to appear on Dancing with the Stars in 2010, saying at the time: “They did ask me and I said no. Fat girls don’t look good sweating.” ABC said: “We don’t comment on casting rumors.”

HMMM. My guess is that this DWTS thing won’t actually happen … either the rumor is untrue or Deen will not agree to join the show. ABC benefits from this rumor because even if it’s not true, folks are still talking about the upcoming season of DWTS … so I’m not surprised that this rumor is going around. Deen has previously turned down Dancing offers and would likely turn down this possible new offer as well. That being said, appearing on the show might do much to clean up her very tarnished image … but, then again, it could also just make her look worse in the longrun. I wouldn’t put money on seeing Paula Deen compete in the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars … but stranger things have happened. What do y’all think? Is this a good idea for Paula? If she does appear on the show, will you watch to root for/revile her?


  • John J Jones

    Maybe she will have a Black dance partner…

    • Sandy!

      That’s the only way I’d actually watch this show. Seriously, someone make it happen.

  • ChanceOfRain

    Questioned by the police? She was deposed by counsel for the plaintiff in the pending lawsuit against her, but questioned by the police? Are these facts correct or just someone’s misunderstanding of what actually happened.