A Group Of Creepy ‘Royal Babies’ Invade London


Now that the countdown has unofficially begun for the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal baby, folks in London, England are getting all excited about the birth of royal heir to the throne. Commemorative souvenirs have been popping up in shops all over town and other types of celebrations are taking place. One particularly odd “celebration” emerged over the weekend … when a group of creepy-ass “royal babies” started to show up all over town … on the subway, in front of the royal palace. Will and Kate’s royal baby will be here soon but these oversized, scary “royal babies” are already here.

Four oversized nappy-wearing toddlers have paraded around London in a royal baby stunt. The kids, sporting hand-crafted silicon masks, were shouting Paddy Power betting odds related to Prince William and Kate’s unborn child. They went on the London Underground and visited Buckingham Palace, Boujis Nightclub and St Mary’s Hospital. A Paddy Power spokesperson stated: “According to our patriotic punters, we could soon be welcoming Princess Alexandra or Prince George, born on the 17th of July with brown hair weighing in at 7lbs. “They say the best things come to those who wait, and anyone taking up our 500/1 accumulator could be next in line for a right royal payout should their hunch come good.”

Um … OK. As weird as this may be, the gimmick paid off … it caught my attention … all the way on this side of the pond. I’m intrigued by the baby names Alexandra and George … they are very possible royal baby names. As for the hair color, well, that remains to be seen. One hopes that Will and Kate’s baby will be much cuter than these creepy babies but … one never knows until one knows, right? While we await the arrival of the little princess or prince, I guess we’ll have to make do with the “royal babies” seen here. Haha.


  • Jstar

    that is what nightmares are made of! just NO!

  • Jules

    I think this is very funny, as long as I’m not sitting next to them on the subway.

  • Meghan

    If I ran into this on the tube I would freak the hell out! No!

  • nicole

    im clearly not going to sleep tonight lol