The Swedest Thing


Yesterday was a really fun, very full day. I made my way down to the beach to spend some time with Emma, Josh and his dad now that Josh is back home from the hospital again after his second visit in a week. I’m very happy to report that JZ looked great and seemed back to his normal goofy self. His dad flew in to spend some time with him and I got to hang out with all 3 of them for much of the afternoon. I had planned to get back to the city in time to hang out with Ollie but, unfortunately, that plan didn’t work out and I missed my chance to see her one last time … before I head out on my vacation with Kirsten! Today we make our way to NYC for the night before the two of us fly to Stockholm, Sweden for the rest of the week!

Kirsten and I will embark on our adventure today as we head off to the land of Ikea and meat balls for a little holiday. Neither one of us have ever been to Scandinavia so we’re both very excited by the prospect. We’ll be spending some time in Stockholm before we fly back for another couple of days in NYC before we fly back home next week. I plan on working as much as possible during my travels and I’m really excited to share our adventures with all y’all. It’s a new day and a new week and I hope it’s the best one yet for all of us! Have a great Monday, y’all! I’ll be comin’ atcha from the East Coast next … then SWEDEN! Wee!!!

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  • Dezden

    Have a wonderful vacation!!!!

  • Helena

    Hey Trent! Welcome to Stockholm and Sweden! I have been reading the blog since way back, 2000 or 2001, and I’m really excited you are coming to my hometown! Here are some tips for you:
    Museums: Skansen is a large outdoor museum and animal park. Skansen is built as a miniature historical Sweden with buildings and people in costume showing old handicraft. It is also a zoo with mainly Scandinavian animals like bears, lynx, elks and, my favorite, wolverines as well as traditional breeds of cows, pigs etc. It also has great views over the city.
    The photography museum is really popular among my friends. I have never been myself but I think it can be worth a visit.
    My favorite museum as a child was the royal armory located in cellars of the royal castle, but I haven’t been for like 20 years so who knows… They show weapons and armor but also a clothes worn by Swedish royalty through the centuries.
    The royal castle is located in the outskirts of old town (it’s not a great castle compared to others in Sweden and Europe). Old town is well worth a visit but there are a LOT of tourists in some spots, but if you just move up a street or two you can usually get some space and feel the atmosphere.
    If you are going out for drinks I recommend Söder, the south part of he city, where there is more of an alternative scene, which I think you’ll enjoy. Debaser Slussen is nice, located by Slussen right outside Old town. Mosebacke is also nice, with great views over the city. This is the area where Lisbeth Salander lived.
    If you have time I also recommend a boat trip to see the archipelago. This is where Stockholmers go in the summer. It’s truly beautiful.
    Everyone under 60 speaks English (and most over 60 as well) and most are happy to help, so don’t be afraid to ask for directions. Hope you enjoy your stay!!

    • @Helena — Thank you SOOOO much! Your suggestions have been very helpful, I will try to check out as many of your recommendations as possible :) xoxoxoxoxo

  • EAW

    Ah I would love to go to Stockholm! It is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous in the summer and something like 19 hours of daylight? Have the best time, Trent!