Reggae Music Really Does Make Life Happy, And Other Lessons Learned From The 2013 BET Awards


So. Last night the 2013 BET Awards went down and it was all kind of a huge deal. The fashion was fab, Mariah Carey was Mariah Carey, and there was a reggae tribute that was almost as dope as my Throwback Thursday… except yeah okay, maybe their’s was better because Beenie Man was actually there in person, lol. Anyway, it was a blast! I cannot believe there were people out there saying they were bored. Between the reggae, the Charlie Wilson tribute, Justin Timberlake, the friggen R. Kelly medley and the fact that Erykah Badu performed twice, I just don’t see what the problem was. I had a blast! Click inside for a little recap of last night’s show!

1. Regga Music Really Does Make Life Happy

Okay, I totally feel responsible for this moment. Like, nobody at BET was even thinking about putting a reggae tribute in the show until someone saw my Throwback Thursday post, and then saw part II to that post, and then they were all like Yeah. We’re gonna need some Beenie Man. Anyway, I was losing my mind through this entire thing. And when Elephant Man came out and he and Beenie Man set it off, and Nicki Minaj reminded everyone that she’s from friggen Trinidad?! DONE! It was awesome:


2. Even When Chris Tucker Is Kinda Bad, He’s Pretty Good

Okay. Was Chris Tucker the greatest host ever? Probably not. But c’mon! It’s Chris! And I still thought he was hilarious a lot of the time (though, granted, there were a few lulls). You just can’t get mad at anyone who tells these kind of Michael Jackson stories:


3. R. Kelly Teaches Us All That You Really Must Separate The Man From The Art

This was so awkward. I friggen do not rolls with R. Kelly. And at the same time, I looooove these songs so hard it hurts! It hurts! How does he have so many hits?! Agh! Down Low! Half On A Baby! Contagious! Aghhh! It hurts! Y’all know Aziz Ansari is obsessed with him, right? LMAO, I totally tweeted him last night over this. It was a great performance:


So many other life lessons were learned! Click over for more!

  • James

    Oh my god, even without Erykah Badu,who is awesome, Janelle Monae killed it. Yesterday was my birthday, and the whole day was pretty mellow, but that performance literally had me yelling and clapping and made my day. Best birthday present (especially because Britney hasn’t released music that is “something more urban” to get her the cred to perform at the BET Awards since 2007’s Blackout). But yeah, I think in the future we’re going to look back at this as the day that Queen Janelle took her throne (not to be confused with that throne Beyonce has, that she is very content with and that she understands no newer generation of queens will ever be able to touch…. I’m still too obsessed with that quote lol). But yeah, All Hail Queen Janelle and worship at her altar of Covergirl promo.

    • Shannon

      James, Janelle really got me with that song. I liked the single, but really loved it when the video came out and I agree that her performance was dope. Great way to close out the show.

      And HAPPY BIRTHDAY fellow Cancer :)

  • Alecia

    Shannon, I feel the same way about Kells. His personal history is too much for me to overcome but I hate how much I’ve been getting into his music lately. But I blame it on the call and response chorus. Anything in unison usually sounds the bomb.
    However, my fave moment was still Uncle Charlie’s tribute- I’m an old school head at heart and grew up listening to the Gap Band because of my parents. And then when my boo JT came out and did that Ooo Wee note like he does on SNL- I was gone and then some. Have mercy!

    • Shannon

      Alecia, I didn’t realize how many Charlie Wilson songs I “knew” until last night– it was awesome. And I LOVED how much fun HE had during his own tribute, lol!. He was jamming, and he also had that look like, ‘yeah I totally deserve this.’ It was such a cool time.

  • nicole

    i totally roll with R Kelly. old school kells, new school kells, hip hop kells, R&B/soul kells. all of it. hes my dude. (personal issues aside) i still watch his 2010 soul train performance, dudes pure talent (if you havent seen it,check it out. its pretty damn good).
    im still waiting for Robin to give me babies..he needs to hurry up on that.
    i love watching Ciara on stage, girl kills it. and im also liking the fact Nicki has seemed to drop the ridiculous outfits, she just needs to stop with the stupid expressions.

    • Shannon

      nicole, it’s true– R. Kelly is a genius in pretty much any genre he chooses. It’s insane.

  • DC

    omg LOVED the Reggae performance and of course R. Kelly

  • Em

    Whoa, that Mariah performance was a mess! Everyone lip-synching? Even Miguel?! Then he is shown for 2 seconds and his verse removed? The remix is crap anyway.

    I really hate it when she re-records the vocals to mix it up to lip-synch it. Waste of effort. We all know her voice is not what it was in the 90s, so why does she insist of doing this to make it “pitch perfect”? We don’t care if it isn’t, no other artist is. Perhaps she should record songs that don’t require so much altering that she is unable to reach vocally.

  • Sabrina

    Shannon I am right there with you with Robin Thicke OMG he is sexy!

  • blaqfury

    I have to admit, I was ready for the foolery that the BET awards usually brings… but dare I say, it was actually a decent awards show. I can’t even pick my favorite performance (side eye to Mariah). I was even a bit upset at R. Kelly. his performance was soooo good but was just shy of greatness because of the choppiness of the transitions between songs. I refuse they couldn’t find a way to string all the hits together. I still enjoyed it though. The other thing the BET awards made me realize is that there are a lot of movies coming out that I want to now see…lol! Good job BET!

    • Shannon

      blaqfury ‘I was ready for the foolery that the BET awards usually brings’– LMAO! I KNOW right? I mean, there were fun times last year but I really, really enjoyed this year’s show. I thought the same thing about R. Kelly’s performance (that it was a little lazy) but that just goes to show how damn GOOD those songs are. He can just throw them together in any order and the crowd will go wild, lol.

  • Jstar

    Pharrell and JT sandwich…that is all.

  • Whit

    The Best part of this show is clearly the Charlie Tribute. Everyone was jamming, and my boo did well (Justin, not Uncle Charlie)