First Look: Ciara And Nicki Minaj Channel Michael Jackson And Janet Jackson’s ‘Scream’ Video In ‘I’m Out’


Just the other day we celebrated Throwback Thursday with a collection of Ciara’s greatest hits, and it was a total blast. So I was hella excited to learn that she was debuting a new video at the 2013 BET Awards pre-show last night. Immediately, I fell in love with the visuals for I’m Out. I mentioned on the Throwback Thursday post that Ciara def reminds me of Janet Jackson sometimes (or as PITNBr DT pointed out, ‘She’s living in the house Janet built!‘) and this video further proves that point. She teams up with Nicki Minaj (whose new look I am love, love, loving) and the two re-create the epic Scream video from Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson in a series of really dope all-white scenes. Obvi, nothing will ever compare to the original video, but I love the way this video (directed by Hannah Lux Davis) pays homage to a classic, but does its own thing as well. And, as I’ve said before, I’m always happy to hear Nicki Minaj rapping… as opposed to doing that other thing she sometimes does, lol. Peep the video for more and check out the lyrics to I’m Out over at DirectLyrics! What do you think? You likey?

UPDATE: If the video above isn’t working, click inside to watch!



  • Sam

    …and now I’m gonna go watch “Scream” to see how it’s really done, lol :P

  • nicole

    im hoping this era of Ciara is successful & she finally gets some love.
    and now because of this video i feel the need to go change my exes name to “old news” in my phone.

    • Sam

      On your Sony Xperia?

    • nicole

      LOL! sadly no. but now i kinda wish i owned a Xperia.