‘Not To Be Too Pervy, But…’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


Okay, this was really and truly an awesome week. Between the death of DOMA and my friggen birthday, there’s been a whole lotta celebrating going on here at PITNB. But those aren’t the only important things that went down this week. Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus. Sigh. She threatened her daddy Billy Ray Cyrus on Twitter, then wore a diaper to a live performance, then wore the cutest Emilio Pucci outfit ever and totally redeemed herself for everything, then totally went back to twerking and dressing just like Julia Roberts’s character from Pretty Woman (pre- Richard Gere). It’s been an emotional roller coaster with this girl, lol! But luckily, there were some fun moments and some hot people (like Elisabeth Moss) to carry us through. And of course, you amazing PITNBrs. Click inside for just a few of the best comments we had this week!

Jen C had me cracking up with this comment on our Hot Person Of The Week post. Anytime you start a sentence off with ‘Not to be too pervy,’ you have my attention:

Not to be too pervy, but Elizabeth Moss is topless in the newish Sundance show – Top of the Lake. Highly recommended for other reasons as well!

PITNBr Brady Alcon, you’re a true Selena Gomez fan if there ever was one. You’re response to Mariah Carey’s album delay was hilarious:

I’m not a twelve year old girl but I’m about to sound like one. I’m happy she pushed her release date back because now Selena Gomez’s STARS DANCE record will have a chance to shine and maybe be her first #1 album! That would make me explode with rainbows cupcakes and crushes on cute boys XD

PITNBr Andrew finally had to speak up when he saw our Throwback Ciara post:

Shannon, long time reader, first time commentator…….it’s a travesty that you haven’t included her Fiddy collab – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnL9Ju7oSvU You gotta give love to them yellow booty shorts!

This one’s for you Andrew:


PITNBr Jaded weighed in on one of my favorite topics of the week, NPR’s story on black children costing ‘less’ to adopt. Shouts-out to all of you who joined in on the conversation. Jaded brought up some really good points:

Not the least bit surprised about the cost difference. However, I think the greater picture here is Education. There is no denying that a huge part of the AA community live below the poverty line and that means sub-par education with little chance at a life that can sustain a family.

It’s hard these days for people who’ve earned their degrees to get a job that sufficiently pays the bills and harder still for those who JUST graduated the past month with no experience. So what chance does someone with only a HS degree or a drop out have to make the money needed to raise a child?

When you look at the differences in cost based on race (which is shameful to think we’ve come to that as a society) you associate ‘Caucasian’ with better opportunity and education so it seem natural that the supply is down, so to speak. When you look at ‘Hispanic’ while one can argue they don’t have the same educational opportunities as ‘Caucasians’ they are more family oriented. You can say they’re are educated about how family is important. Unfortunately,this isn’t always the case for the African American population.

I grew up in what some called the ‘Lower Middle Class’ We weren’t far from the worst neighborhood in our area. May parents both had B.S. degrees in ‘Computer Technology’ However their weren’t a lot of those jobs in our area in the 80′s. We managed to make a living paycheck to paycheck most of the time without any assistance. Yet, as African Americans it was still a bit of a struggle in the 80′s. The 90′s turned out just fine for us and I was able to go to better schools. I got into a great college and I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if my parents didn’t have those degrees. I still have friends from back in the day who weren’t as fortunate of myself and they’ve had quite a struggle.

Such a great nation, yet such a shame we are still fighting for equal rights and opportunity.

PITNBr Errin gave “props” to Miley Cyrus who wore shorts that looked suspiciously like diapers to a performance this week:

Good for her planning for her future! Lifetime supply of “Depends”!

PITNBr helen had the right idea about that HORRENDOUS version of Waterfalls that the surviving members of TLC decided to go ahead and release:

No Left Eye = Not Listening.

PITNBr Iris B is, kinda, sorta excited about MTV airing an alternate ending of The Hills. It’s fine. She’s not that excited:

I freaking LOVE LAUREN!!



And finally, shouts-out to PITNBr Melissa, a very new addition to our PITNB family. Along with so many of you she sent me some birthday lurve so I just wanted to send the lurve back and welcome her to our very happy home!

Mad Men is not on tonight (booo), but the friggen BET Awards are getting ready to pop off! Nobody call me!

  • Alecia

    Shannon, I expect a completely hilarious report on the BET Awards. No exceptions!

    • Shannon

      Alecia, of course. Trinidad James just the pre-show stage, so the hilarity will come quite easily :)