Miley Cyrus Channels ‘Pretty Woman’ For A Night Out


Yesterday we saw pictures of Miley Cyrus getting all twerktastic at a party in a Miami hotel, and today we learn that she’s still getting it on and poppin’ in Miami. Apparently, she’s in town for the Miami Music Festival and she appears to be having a pretty good time. Although I was hoping we’d see her rocking more looks like the one she had in NYC recently (courtesy of Emilio Pucci), it looks like Miley prefers the barely-there style for now. She tweeted some pics of herself wearing Julia Roberts’s famous hooker dress from Pretty Woman, so. Yeah. It’s Miley! Click inside for more!

Miley Does Miami:


Pretty woman…. Twerkin down the street


#MeAhMi #NOfolds

Apparently, this is one of Miley’s favorite outfits as she’s been seen wearing it before. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that those sexy/classy Emilio Pucci-esque looks will be few and far between with Miley. She’s content to dress like a hooker (lit’rally), so that’s what it is! LOL, no but seriously. She’s fine, I’m sure. Having fun, being young, and twerkin’ her way down the street. Good times, good times.


  • Mela

    Just me or is home-girl starting to look mundo skinny these last few pics? There’s almost nothing left to twerk.

    • Lauren xx

      She does! Look at her hands! I hope it’s just the lighting/angle and not something more. :/