Lindsay Lohan Has Given Up Her Fight For Adderall While At The Betty Ford Clinic


As we all know, it’s not easy being Lindsay Lohan. After all her legal troubles she had to cop to a plea deal and agree to go to rehab instead of jail. But the rehab clinic wouldn’t even let her take her Adderall medication, just because it’s sorta, kinda, technically, definitely a drug and would therefore defeat the purpose of spending time in a rehab clinic. Madness! LOL… Lindsay fought the good fight for a while and was, reportedly, threatening to not go to rehab at all if she would not be permitted to take her ADD medication. Well, new reports are saying LiLo is playing nice, and has finally dropped the issue altogether. Click inside for more!

TMZ has the story:

Lindsay Lohan has waved the white flag in her battle for Adderall ….. TMZ has learned.

Lilo has put up a tough fight to keep the Adderall train rolling in rehab. First she threatened to boycott rehab unless she got the Rx drug, then she pitched a fit at Betty Ford when they took it away, but sources close to her tell us she’s finally ok living Adderall-free in the new facility.

As for why she’s off the drug …here’s Lindsay’s story. She’s telling friends she felt it was essential for ADHD — something she was diagnosed with when she was very young. FYI — LiLo’s new docs think it was a bogus diagnosis.

Adderall has become a popular drug with young actresses for weight control — a popular, addictive and highly-abused drug. As for the real reason she felt the need to take it … who knows.

But for now … Lindsay is Adderall free. Will that last after rehab? Who knows

Well, good for Lindsay for sticking it out, right? We’d heard a while back that she was doing well in rehab but a lot of you were skeptical as to whether or not that would last. If she’s living Adderall-free that could be a good thing for her, especially if she was previously dependent on it. But as I’ve said in the past, it’s tricky with something like Adderall, which some people legitimately need to function with their ADD, but others abuse.

Either way, I can’t help but hope that LiLo’s not just putting on an act for the judge, and that she really is doing the work she’s supposed to be doing at rehab. It’d be nice to see more young, healthy, working celebs and fewer trainwrecks.


  • Shannon

    Trent, LMAOOOOooooo! Whitney lives!

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    I hope she can get better because she can be a really great actress when she tries. I watched Georgia Rule last night and was thinking “Lindsay needs to get back to doing this!”

  • nicole

    i hope its true & it stays that way.

  • Meredith

    @Trent–I thought LL had left Betty Ford for some other facility in like Malibu? No?