I’m In The Money


Yesterday was a really fun day … my friends and I made our way to an art gallery in Echo Park for a bit of unsophisticated fun and then we made our way out for dinner and drinks. It had been ages since I got to hang out with Ollie and Caleb so I wanted us to do something really special … so we all went for a swim in a life-size reproduction of Scrooge McDuck’s treasure vault from Ducktales. No, seriously. A new Ducktales video game is on the way and to promote it, a life-size treasure vault was installed inside the iam8bit art gallery in Echo Park … so we decided to check it out and go for a swim!

Anyone who’s ever watched the cartoon Ducktales (Wooo Ooo) has probably dreamed of going for a swim in Scrooge McDuck’s gold-filled treasure vault just like he used to do in the cartoon. This art installation allows visitors to do just that … and IT WAS GLORIOUS! Sure the gallery was hot as balls and the cushy gold coins were probably germ-infested but who cares? We got to live a childhood dream :D

After we played, we ate. Kirsten, Tamar, Ollie, Caleb and I made our way to Malo for food and drink … and conversation that went well into the night. We had a lot of fun. Today, I’m planning to visit Josh now that he’s home from the hospital again and tonight, I’m going to a party with Ollie so … Sunday Funday, here I come!!

Tomorrow, Kirsten and I make our way to NYC before we fly out to Sweden on Tuesday. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to work tomorrow but I promise to do as much work as I can over the coming week. Shannon, as usual, will be on hand to bring the hotness so … let’s make it an amazing week :D

  • Heather

    Uh, this is awesome!

  • blaqfury

    Envious doesn’t even begin to describe my emotions…. That is totally awesome

  • Lauren xx

    That looks like so much fun!!

  • Joanna

    I’ve always wanted to jump in Scrooge’s money vault ever since I saw a live stage show of Ducktales at Disney World when I was 4. I would so totally have done this if it were any where near me, but sadly I’m on the total other side of the country. Have a good flight. Glad you’re staying over in NYC for a night before your 6+ hour flight to Sweden.

  • Alyssa


  • fmx

    u make it look so real

  • Krissy

    “Ducktales (Wooo Ooo)”

    LOL! I LOVED that theme song!